All the Destiny 2 users can now get their hands on a new quest to add some more fun to the gameplay. The player is presented with two choices, either Vanguard or the Mysterious Drifter. Since you are reading this Drifter Tape Locations article, you must have chosen the Drifter, and now your mission is to find all the drifter tapes. All the tapes are hidden in different worlds; each tape has a recording which is quite crucial as it gives insights, motives, backstory, and other information about Drifter. The problem here is that the quest is pretty hard to beat since the hint and all the clues are pretty short to start with. It is not just you. A lot of users are not able to find the tapes. But do not worry; in this Drifter Tape Locations article, we have provided you with all the Drifter tape locations.

Drifter Tape Locations

About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter survival game, and the game is free to play online. You play as a guardian who protects the human races from various deadly attacks, and alien and dark evils. The game, from time to time, adds new features and packs. As you progress in the game, your character stats get updated, and you increase your rank and get your hands on rewards, weapons, and powers. You play against different players as the game is multiplayer, so you get the taste of battle royale. Unlike the previous instalment of the game, Destiny 2 has been improved a lot with a better storyline, character progression, and all in all, filled out all the missing things in the first instalment.

Each Drifter Tape Locations for You Quickly

Talking of the Drifter Tape Locations, well all the drifter tapes are scattered and kept secretly in different worlds of the game. Majorly located in the European Dead Zone on Earth, Patrol Zones, or buried within Lost Sectors. So let’s check out everything about this Drifter Tape Locations guide from here now.

Users are facing a hard time finding these tapes due to limited information and taking a lot of time. But no worries, we have solved the entire quest. To help you Below we have managed to put together all the Drifter Tape Locations one after another. You just have to go through the description of the Drifter Tape Locations along with the picture, and surely you will be able to get your hands on all the drifter tapes in a few moments of time.

1. Drifter Tape 1 – Trostland

Drifter Tape Locations

OK so as soon as you spawn simply run forward after. Within a few moments, you will enter an abandoned building it looks like a subway area. Keep rushing forward. You will find enemies, so defeat them, and as soon as you reach the end on the right, there will be a dark room. It is pitch black to enter the room. There will be a fallen waiting for you, so kill it, and there you get your hands on the first tape.

2. Drifter Tape 2 – Scavenger’s Den

Drifter Tape Locations

So the next tape can be collected in the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector. As soon as you spawn ready your ride and rush forward soon you will enter a cave-like area. Keep your direction to the right and as you enter the area you will find the Fallen computer unit. Here you can listen to the Drifter tape.

3. Drifter Tape 3 – Winding Cove

Drifter Tape Locations

If you asked which is the easiest place to grab tape, the answer would be winding cove. As soon as you spawn, proceed straight a little right, and within a second or two, you will find the fallen computer unit.

4. Drifter Tape 4 – Sojourner’s Camp

Drifter Tape Locations

This tape requires you to do a very long trip to the sojourner’s camp. As soon as you spawn move to proceed straight towards the left along with the abandoned city. Once the city is passed, keep moving forward, and you will find an empty, broken road. Move forward, and you enter a tunnel. Keep moving forward and cross the jungle and soon you will reach the camp and get your hand on the tape.

5. Drifter Tape 5 – Flooded Chasm

The next Drifter Tape Locations is in the Flooded chasm at the lost sector. Reaching it is pretty easy. As soon as you spawn move a little to the right into the dark and you will find a cave. Proceed into the cave and move forward. At the end of the cave, you will find the terminal.

Drifter Tape Locations

6. Drifter Tape 6 – Excavation Site XII

This tape also requires you to go through a long cave-like structure. As soon as you spawn, gear up and proceed into the cave. The tape is located at the end of the c, the Lost Sector in the Firebase Hades patrol zone.

Drifter Tape Locations

7. Drifter Tape 7 –  Skydock IV

Drifter Tape Locations

The final and the last drifter tape will be found in the Lost Sector in Sunken Isles. As soon as you spawn, proceed to the northwest entrance and proceed forward at the end; you will find a circular entrance that takes you below. Stop at the 3rd floor and move forward. In the end, you will reach the terminal and your last tape.


In today’s guide, we have gone through all seven Drifter tape locations. Each tape is located at a different location. The Drifter Tape Locations guide gives you directions and tips to reach the tape.

Hopefully, the Drifter Tape Locations guide is helpful to you. For more game articles like this Drifter Tape Locations then follow us. Thank you!


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