One of the biggest challenges that you can face in The binding of Isaac is unlocking the lost. A lot of users pretty much fail every time unlocking it. Due to his bad stats and negligible health, lost dies with a single hit. But once you have unlocked it, you will surely get loads of benefits and majorly the final achievement to completely finish the game. Also, one more thing to notice here is the way you proceed to unlock the Lost, and his characteristics differ when it comes to rebirth, afterbirth/afterbirth, plus. With that in mind, here in this guide, you will be getting the answer on How to unlock the lost in all three of the games.

How to unlock the lost

What is Lost & What are its Characteristics?

The lost are among the six secret characters that you can unlock in the game The Binding of Isaac. This particular has very beneficial characteristics as it gets black market items and devil, all for free. Furthermore, True platinum god achievements are also unlocked by the lost.

How to unlock the lost

Explained: How to Unlock the Lost in Rebirth, Afterbirth & Afterbirth Plus

Now depending upon Rebirth, Afterbirth/Afterbirth, plus whichever game you are playing, there is a dedicated section that gives you all the tips and helps on how to unlock the lost. The only thing to keep in mind is the attention; if you get killed by someone else, you have to start all over.

How to Unlock the Lost in Rebirth

If you are on rebirth, then to unlock the lost, you have to die in particular ways, in a particular order with particular characters. The sequence of the deaths must be followed as it is; also, you must not die in between. If you die in between then, you have to start all over again.

Important things to Go through
  • The thing to keep in mind here is that you can quit and restart in the middle of a run without losing any of the progress.
  • Make sure not to pick things like Lazarus’s Rags, Judas’s Shadow, or the Ankh because these items will revive you as a different character also your progress will be lost. In case you do pick up any of the items accidentally, close the game and restart the run.
  • You can use seeds also but make sure not to use seeds during the Azazel part.
Unlocking the Lost

1. Choose to play as Isaac and die to mulliboom either in the basement or the cellar.

  • SEED: GPE3 2T1H
  • Difficulty: Normal

How to unlock the lost

2. Play as Magdalene and die to your own bomb either in the caves or the catacombs

  • Difficulty: Normal

How to unlock the lost

3. This time, choose to play as Judas and die to any of the Mom attacks either in the depths of Necropolis

if you die due to someone else’s attack or something other than Mom, you have to start all over. It has to be a mom attack that kills you.

  • Polyphemus can be found in the first treasure room also; make sure not to take any devil deals.
  • Keep the Book of Belial as your active item to make sure that the Angel room appears.
  • Duke of flies: the first boss will drop the mom’s coin purse. It will contain some pills. The orange pill will contain health up, and the white will give you full health. Just make sure that you do not take blue pills.
  • Difficulty: Normal

How to unlock the lost

4. Choose to play as Azazel and die to any of the Satan attacks in Sheol

Again makes sure that you are not killed by any of the Fallen or Kamikaze leeches. If you did by any of them, you have to start all over. Only Satan’s attack will be valid if you want to unlock the lost.

How to Unlock the Lost in Afterbirth & Afterbirth Plus

In case you are playing the Afterbirth of the Afterbirth plus, then the process is quite different.

Important things to Go through

Before you proceed to your death, there are some things that you must require.

  • Make sure to unlock ‘it lives.’

In order to unlock ‘it lives,’ you have to defeat the mom’s heart 11 times. Once done, the next time when you come to this boss, instead of mom’s heart, you will fight ‘it lives at the end of chapter 4.

How to unlock the lost

Once you have defeated ‘it lives,’ head to the stairs down and to seal or up beam light to the cathedral.

  • ‘The Dark room’ must be unlocked.
    • In order to unlock ‘The darkroom,’ you have to defeat Satan 5 times in shield.
    • This will spawn a negative each time after you have defeated the mom in chapter 3.
    • Now grab the negative head down into the womb then defeat ‘it lives at the end of the womb’s second floor.
    • Head down the staircase, beat Satan, then jump into the chest while holding the negative, and you will be entered into ‘The Dark Room.’

How to unlock the lost

  • Unlock ‘the missing poster.’
    • To get your hands on ‘The missing poster,’ you have to defeat The Lamb in The Dark Room.
    • Once you have unlocked the missing poster, the next step is to find it. Easy is to buy the mom box from the shop simply. Now keep using the mom box again and again, and you will find the missing poster.
    • Another way is the fortune machines; keep trying to bump money into the machines, and sooner or later, it will spit out the missing poster.
    • The last way is to defeat every boss with every character, and eventually, you will be able to get your hands on the missing poster.

How to unlock the lost

Unlocking the Lost

To unlock the lost, you have to die on the Spikes while holding the missing poster trinket in the sacrificial room.

Also, make sure you die 8 times before you hit the spikes. This is because when you hit the spike the 8th time, it will spawn troll bombs, and on the 9th die, you will battle Aerial. On the 11th time, you will fight against Gabriel.

Make sure that you do not die with any of the troll bombs, Aerial, and Gabriel. If you die, you will fail to unlock the lost.

And if you manage to keep yourself alive from the troll bombs, Aerial, and Gabriel and hit the spikes on the 12th time, there are chances that you will be teleported to the darkroom.

Things to keep in mind here is that you can choose to play with any of the characters.


Hopefully, by now, you have all the information that you must know on How to unlock the lost. Obviously, the process is a bit on the complex side, but you can unlock the lost if you proceed attentively.

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