The difference between twitch affiliate and twitch partner is a question, confusion, and quite a controversial topic for a very long time. Users have been posting tons of requests regarding the differences between these two twitch programs. Well, all your queries regarding the two will be cleared in this Twitch Affiliate vs Partner article.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

Over the last two years and a half, the difference between the twitch partner and affiliate program has been gradually shrinking more and more. The twitch affiliate program, which should be lesser in every aspect compared to twitch partner, is getting more and more feature-rich. With this reduced difference and increasing benefits of twitch affiliates, users are really facing a hard time differentiating between the two twitch services. 

What is Twitch Partner Program?

twitch partner

The Twitch Partner program is twitch’s biggest and most premium/royalty program. Becoming a twitch partner is not a very easy task as you have to meet certain requirements first. However, even if you meet the requirements, it is not guaranteed that you will become a twitch partner. The twitch partner program is all about quality content, your viewership, your stream frequency schedule, and consistency.

Becoming a twitch partner means that your content is top-notch; it can belong to any subject you can be a streamer, podcaster, or guide. Twitch partner is an achievement, and it shows that you can bring potential viewers through your quality stream, and twitch will make sure that it will showcase the best talent. Twitch partner gives you tons of benefits over any other twitch program, along with better earnings. However, it requires hard work in return too.

Twitch partner targets many ways by which a streamer can make money. First of all, by putting ads on the content through the bits given by the users. Apart from that, earning money through the subscribers and contracts, they sign. With the twitch partner, you also unlock the streaming of high-definition streaming, giving users a feel of quality.

Benefits of Twitch Partner

Below are some of the exclusive benefits of the Twitch Partner Program.

  • Channel Subscriptions & emotes
  • Bits
  • Ads
  • Channel customization
  • VOD Features
  • Priority Support
  • Access to Partner-only opportunities
  • High-Quality Stream

What is Twitch Affiliate Program?

twitch affiliate

Twitch Affiliate program is for the streamers who are new to the platform and want to earn as much money as they can. Twitch affiliate is like a scaled-down version of the twitch partner program. Similar to twitch partner here also you have to meet specific requirements first before you can apply for twitch affiliates. It is great for the users who have just started and are looking forward to becoming full-time streamers and planning to earn money through streaming. 

As compared to the twitch partner, the money that your earn through twitch is obviously low as you have limitations. You can only make money through bits, subs, and eventually ad income. Consider twitch affiliate a step towards becoming a twitch partner. The twitch affiliate program is made with a vision to encourage streamers who are small-sized and have quality content. It is a way to appreciate the streamers who have not got any exposure and opportunities.

Benefits of Twitch Affiliate

Some of the Twitch affiliate benefits are mentioned below

  • Receive a SUBSCRIBE button 
  • Generate revenue by accumulating Bits
  • earn money from the game sales and in-game items
  • get one custom sub to emote

Difference Table: Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

For a more clear understanding of the Twitch Affiliate vs Partner, you can check out the below table.

Benefits Normal Streamers Affiliate Partner
Monetization Tools
Cheering with Bits No Yes (No Custom Cheer Emotes) Yes (With Custom Cheermotes)
Subscriptions No Coming Soon (1 Sub Emotes) Yes (Can unlock up to 50 Sub emotes)
Game Sales No Coming Soon Yes (Premium Features Coming Soon)
Ads No Coming Soon Yes (Premium Features Coming Soon)
Video Tools
Transcodes As Available As Available (With Priority Access) Full Access to Transcodes
Past Broadcast Storage 14 Days 14 Days 60 Days
Stream Delay No Stream Delay Option No Stream Delay Option Stream Delay Up to 15 min.
Payment Terms
Chargeback Protection N/A Yes Yes
Payout Timeframe N/A 60 Days 45 Days
Payout Fees N/A Covered By Affiliates Covered By Twitch
Customer Service Standard Support Queue Standard Support Queue Priority Partner Support, Access to Partnerships Team
Verified Chat Badge No No Yes
Channel Page Icon No No Coming Soon

With this being the end of the guide on Twitch Affiliate vs Partner, we hope all your confusion has been fixed. Surely both the programs are great in their own zone. If you are just getting started, then the affiliate is a great program. While the established streamer partner program is excellent.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insights into both programs. If you like to read more about games, then check out more articles. Thank you!


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