Orokin Cell is a term that you must have heard if you have been following videos, reviews, or gameplays of the Warframe video game. From the name itself, we can pretty much deduce that it is a cell. Unlike the cell which we know in our real lives, it is an energy-filled cell. That is a crucial and important ingredient for making a weapon, explosives, and similar things. If you are new to the Warframe that you must be facing a hard time getting your hands on these energy cells. The purpose of this article on Warframe orokin cell farming is to give all the information regarding the orokin cell. This guide covers all the information on how can you farm it and what are the different and best-suited locations to farm them. This knowledge will surely help in the long run and you will never run out of firearms if you have a good amount of orokin cell.

orokin cell farming

How to Get Warframe Orokin Cells & Suitable Place for Warframe Orokin Cell Farming

Orokin cells belong to the Orokin Era and are quite rare to get. From the introductory part, we can tell that it is an energy-filled cell. This energy is what makes it a unique resource for various blueprints and the development of weapons. Furthermore, if you have orokin cells you can Warframe Orokin Cell Farming as well. You need some suitable environments for Warframe orokin cell farming update 17 otherwise it will all be a waste.

In order to get your hand on the Orokin cell the fastest and recommended way is to obtain it from Warframe game Bosses. It is easy to obtain during battle as they get accidentally dropped from the Boss and you can pick them up. There are in total of two best places to farm orokin cells namely Saturn and Ceres.

Getting Warframe Orokin Cells on Saturn & Farming

When your journey in the game takes you to General Sargus Ruk’s assassination on the planet Saturn, you have to fight and defeat him. During your fight with General Sargus Ruk, he drops the orokin cell which you can pick and keep to yourself.

Furthermore, Saturn is also one of the best places for Warframe Orokin Cell Farming 2019. You can easily get your hands on 2-3 orokin cells during the battle.

General Sargus Ruk

Getting Warframe Orokin Cells on Ceres & Farming

Another location where you can find the orokin cell is Ceres, although here also you have to fight against Lieutenant Lech Kril. You have to defeat him and similar to General Sargus Ruk he also drops orokin cell during your fight. You can pick it up and keep it to yourself.

Ceres is also the second location where you can easily Warframe Orokin Cell Farming 2015.

Lieutenant Lech Kril


By following the above article you must have all your answers. This guide has covered all the details regarding the importance of orokin cells, Warframe orokin cell farming and how can you obtain them.

We hope that you have got some knowledge on this Warframe Orokin Cell Farming. For more guides on games and other games, stuff follows us. Thank you!


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