Warfare means a fast-paced gameplay experience with a very satisfying combat style. The game strongly emphasizes creating attractive and powerful weapons. Be it a Primary weapon, secondary weapon, or melee weapon, you can customize and construct it all. Combining different weapons or weapon parts to form a new one is common in the warframe. In this guide, we will be going over all the Warframe weapons used in crafting. There have been a lot of queries regarding the recipe of the weapons, so we have made this Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting guide to make it much easier for you.

Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting

A Brief Description Of Warfram

Warframe is a powerful and fast-paced MMO RPG. The game is all about customizations, creating new weapons, getting massive hands-on loot, heading to a new planet, and completing deeply curated quests. The game seriously has content that could take hundreds of hours to keep you entertained, thrilled, and curious. In a campaign, you slash, shoot, free run with various missions. The game gives you complete freedom to take on different missions, and also, there is a staggering amount of side activities to keep you busy.

Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting

Warframe is a game that came out in the year 2013, and since then, this game has just gone in one direction, going massive. With 7 years of constant updates, the game is much more than a space ninja game. The game has been improved intensively with lots of new stuff, including over 40 plus styles of frames to choose from, deep story missions, new open-world areas, and weapons.

Complete Lits of Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting

Moving on to our most important part, below, we have managed to put together the list of all Warframe weapons used in crafting. The list contains all the weapons to get the final weapon product. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the weapon rank is at its best. As far as the mastery rank is concerned, you can only rank one weapon if there are two similar weapons. Now let’s go through the list and craft your weapon. So just Check out this Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting guide fully from here right now.

Recipe Weapons Finished Weapon
2x Bolto Akbolto
2x Bronco Akbronco
2x Bronco Prime Akbronco Prime
2x Cestra Dual Cestra D
2x Furis Afuris
2x Grakata Twin Grakatas
2x Kama Dual Kamas
2x Kohmak D Twin Kohmak B
2x Krohkur Twin Krohkur D
2x Lex M Aklex
2x Lex Prime Aklex Prime V
2x Magnus Akmagnus
2x Vasto Akvasto
2x Vasto Prime Akvasto Prime
2x Viper Twin Vipers
Akbolto + Dual Skana Akjagara
Akstiletto D Aksomati
Akstiletto D Sarpa
Amphis Sydon D
Ankyros Tekko
Ankyros + Dual Cleavers Ripkas
Atomos + Dual Zoren Twin Basolk
Bo + Kunai Tipedo
Bolto + Viper Hystrix
Boltor + Kronen Boltace
Broken War War
Cernos Mutalist Cernos
Drakgoon Zarr
Dual Cleavers + Ankyros Ripkas
Dual Kamas Dual Raza D
Dual Skana Dark Split- Sword D
Dual Skana + Akbolto Akjagara
Dual Skana + Vasto Redeemer
Dual Zoren + Atomos Twin Basolk
Furax Knux
Galatine Paracesis
Gammacor Heliocor
Hikou + Miter Panthera
Kogake Hirudo
Kraken Kulstar
Kronen + Boltor Boltace
Kunai + Bo Tipedo
Lato M Bolto
Latron Tiberon
Magistar Sibear
Miter + Hikou Panthera
Nikana D Dragon Nikana
Ninkondi Shaku D
Tipedo Sore
Vasto + Dual Skana Redeemer
Viper + Bolto Hystrix

By now, you have a list of weapons that can be combined to form various weapons. If you are new to the game, then surely this chart will help you a lot.


In the above guide, we have gone through a complete list of Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting. You can go through the list to decide what weapon to create. Furthermore, as you proceed in the game, you will get your hands on more of the items which can be combined to create a weapon.

Hopefully, your Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting query has been cleared out for more game stuff; follow us. Thank you!


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