In February, Steam’s one of the best and highest-rated horror games, Devotion, was removed completely from the platform one week after its release. Due to an artifact in the game which was interpreted as an insult to the president of China Jin Ping. The artifact in the game called him Winnie the Pooh, which ultimately resulted in the removal of the game. In this article, we have tried to cover all your queries related to the game, like Why was devotion removed from steam, how did it affect the fans, and it will come back.

Why was devotion removed from steam

The Story: Why Was Devotion Removed From Steam?

In 2017 Red Candle Games released its first horror game Detention, which got globally acclaimed and got the top spot in Steam. Keeping up the momentum of success, the company released another horror game in February 2018 called Devotion. This time the developers managed to pour their best work, and the game got instantly hit. Within 1 week, it was rated 9.8 on Steam which is considered as extremely best. It also became one of the most streamed games on Twitch and various other streaming websites. 

What Happened?

However, one week later, Devotion was removed from the Steam library. Due to a graphic in the game. When a user interacts with that graphics, it flashes some words. The international audience was unknown to this as the language was Chinese. But those who can understand Chinese instantly understood the reference. Those Chinese characters translate to two things, namely.

Firstly that the president of China is an idiot, and secondly Chinese president was compared or related to the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh.

Why was devotion removed from steam

The Result

This controversy was spread like fire and resulted in lots of public wraths. The company instantly acknowledged the issue and apologized. They also tried to give a clarification that the graphic was just a placeholder and supposed to be removed in the final release of the game. But mistakenly, it was left in the final version of the game.

However, the clarification was not that helpful, and the speculations were roaming all over the internet. In the end, publishers issued a statement in which it was mentioned that the contract with Red Candle Games was terminated, and the game was being removed from the steam.

Will Devotion Release Again?

One of the most asked questions from the users was ‘will the game be re-release?’. The game was called off in February 2018, and after a long wait, the game was finally releasing. 

After a lot of public requests, fan letters, and love, the company has managed to release its physical-only version of the game in July 2020. However, there are no announcements made that when the game will return to steam or any other digital platform.

At the moment, it is exclusive to Taiwan, but we can hope and expect that it will surely come back to the digital platforms as well.

Why was devotion removed from steam


In this article, we have covered the story behind Why was devotion removed from steam. The article talks about the reasons why it was removed and its effects on the fans. We have covered it will be re-release or not.

Hopefully, by now, all your confusion has been cleared out. Thank you!


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