In the world of Star Wars video games, Jedi: Fallen Order, created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts, has quickly become a fan favourite. So let’s check out everything about the How Long is Jedi Fallen Order article. It has solidified its place among the best in the Star Wars gaming franchise by fusing engrossing narratives, meticulous design, and simple gameplay. But there’s one How Long is Jedi Fallen Order query that potential players frequently have, as well as those who just want a refresher: How Long is Jedi Fallen Order?

How Long is Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi: Fallen Order stands out as a shining star in the vast field of Star Wars video games by fusing engrossing gameplay with a rich narrative. This game, created by the renowned Respawn Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts, has quickly gained popularity among both seasoned players and Star Wars fans. Many people wonder How Long is Jedi Fallen Order as news of Cal Kestis’s exploits spread throughout the galaxy. Join us as we dive into this How Long is Jedi Fallen Order stellar odyssey and plot our course. Now let’s get to know more about this How Long is Jedi Fallen Order guide.

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The length of the game for players exploring the galaxy largely depends on their playing style, goals, and degree of exploration. We’ll categorize the game’s length according to the main story, side quests, travel, and collectables.

Main Narrative

  • Casual Playthrough: Approximately 13-17 hours
    • This assumes that the player is mainly focusing on the primary storyline without deviating much from exploration or side missions.
  • Expert Playthrough: Roughly 11-13 hours
    • For seasoned gamers familiar with the mechanics or those replaying the game, this duration can be shorter.

Side Quests and Exploration

The Allure of Uncharted Territories

The expansive universe of Star Wars has long been praised, and Jedi: Fallen Order lives up to expectations. There are countless crevices and corners to explore. You can get from here on this How Long is Jedi Fallen Order topic.

  • Side Missions: Adds about 5-7 hours
    • These are not central to the main plot but offer intriguing tidbits of the Star Wars lore and often come with rewards.
  • Exploration: An additional 8-10 hours
    • For completionists who want to uncover every secret and explore every corner, this adds a significant amount of playtime.

Planetary Expeditions

There are several planets to explore in Jedi: Fallen Order:

  1. Bogano: An uncharted world filled with unique creatures.
  2. Zeffo: Home to ancient tombs and the remnants of a lost civilization.
  3. Kashyyyk: The Wookiee homeland, covered in dense forest.
  4. Dathomir: A dark and dangerous world, not for the faint-hearted.
  5. Ilum: An icy planet with a deep connection to the Jedi Order.

Since each planet has its own unique set of missions, collectables, and secrets, the game encourages and rewards frequent visits.


Becoming a Star Wars Memorabilia Collector

There are a ton of collectables in the game that can be found:

  • Lightsaber components: hilts, emitters, and colour crystals.
  • Outfits and ponchos for Cal.
  • BD-1 skins.
  • Mantis paint jobs.

Depending on how diligent you are, finding all of these can extend your playtime by 6–8 hours.

Table: Game Duration Breakdown

How Long is Jedi Fallen Order

Game ComponentDuration (Casual)Duration (Expert)
Main Narrative13-17 hours11-13 hours
Side Quests5-7 hours4-5 hours
Exploration8-10 hours7-8 hours
Collectables6-8 hours5-6 hours

Final Thoughts

So this is all about the How Long is Jedi Fallen Order article guide. Combining all these elements, a casual player aiming to take advantage of and finish everything Jedi: Fallen Order has to offer may invest 32 to 42 hours in it. Expert players may finish in between 27 and 32 hours due to their quicker play and background knowledge. Hope you like this How Long is Jedi Fallen Order from here now.

Hope you enjoy checking this type of How Long is Jedi Fallen Order content. Jedi: Fallen Order offers an immersive experience that can last however long you want, whether you’re a casual or diehard Star Wars fan. I wish you luck on your journey with the Force!

If you enjoy reading the How Long is Jedi Fallen Order then please do share How Long is Jedi Fallen Order with others as well also. A journey through the vast tapestry of Star Wars lore, intricately woven with difficulties, secrets, and compelling storytelling, is what Jedi: Fallen Order is more than just a game. The trip might take a quick 13 hours for those who only want to skim the surface.

However, the adventure unfolds over what could be a 40-hour odyssey for true explorers, those who seek out every secret passageway and lore-filled side quest. How Long is Jedi Fallen Order is ready to deliver an experience catered to your needs, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway to a galaxy far, far away or a deep dive into How Long is Jedi Fallen Order uncharted Star Wars territory. Set out on an adventure that is unmistakably Star Wars-authentic, ready your lightsaber, and set course.

People Also Ask (FAQ):

1. How does Jedi: Fallen Order compare to other Star Wars games?

The Star Wars universe’s action-adventure storytelling is exemplified by Jedi: Fallen Order. This game puts players in the role of Cal Kestis and provides them with a close-up view of what it’s like to be a Jedi in hiding, in contrast to other games that emphasize large-scale battles or space combat. One of the best single-player Star Wars experiences to date, it has fluid combat mechanics and intricate storylines.

2. Can I play Jedi: Fallen Order without prior knowledge of Star Wars?

Absolutely! Jedi: Fallen Order is intended to be a stand-alone adventure, though having a background in Star Wars lore may enhance some of the story’s subtleties. The story of Cal Kestis will be interesting to read and simple to follow for newcomers to the galaxy.

3. How challenging is Jedi: Fallen Order?

Different difficulty settings are available in Jedi: Fallen Order, making it suitable for both newcomers to gaming and seasoned veterans. Players can master various Jedi skills and tactics as they advance thanks to the combat mechanics’ depth and intuitiveness.

4. Are there post-game contents or DLCs for Jedi: Fallen Order?

A conventional story-based DLC hasn’t been released as of my most recent update in 2021. On May 4, 2020, Respawn Entertainment released a free update that added new challenge modes, cosmetic changes, and battle replay functionality. Checking the game’s official website or platform for any new updates or DLCs is always a good idea.

5. How expansive is the game’s open world?

Semi-open world gameplay is used in Jedi: Fallen Order. While it is not possible for players to freely travel the entire galaxy, each planet in the game offers vast landscapes full of hidden objects, side quests, and challenging pathways, making exploration both fun and essential to gameplay.

6. Does Jedi: Fallen Order have any multiplayer components?

Jedi: Fallen Order is a solely single-player game that centres on Cal Kestis’s story. Respawn Entertainment deliberately chose to focus on narrative and character growth without being distracted by multiplayer elements.

7. Can I customize my lightsaber in the game?

The ability to customize your lightsaber is one of Jedi: Fallen Order’s unique features. As they advance, players will discover various parts, such as hilts, emitters, and colour crystals, that enable the creation of a custom lightsaber that is catered to their preferences.

8. Is there a New Game Plus mode for Jedi: Fallen Order?

Respawn debuted a “New Journey+” mode with the May 4th, 2020 update. As a result, players can replay the game and still use many of the cosmetic items they’ve unlocked during the first playthrough. However, some advancement skills will require rediscovery.

9. How does the game handle lore and canonical events in the Star Wars universe?

The Star Wars canon includes Jedi: Fallen Order, according to the official recognition. This indicates that the events, people, and environments fit within the larger Star Wars narrative. Fans will enjoy how the game skillfully weaves in well-known Star Wars lore, adding depth and a sense of connection to the larger saga.

10. Are there any plans for a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order?

Given the game’s success and popularity as of my most recent update in 2021, there has been a lot of interest in and speculative discussion about a sequel. Although no formal announcements had been made by that point, it’s always worthwhile to check the most recent from Electronic Arts or Respawn Entertainment for the most recent news.

How Long is Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi: Fallen Order is a standout action-adventure game that has carved out a place for itself in the Star Wars gaming universe. Fans have a lot of How Long is Jedi Fallen Order questions about this intergalactic odyssey, which is understandable given its rich lore, compelling storyline, and challenging gameplay. Jump right in, and may the force lead you.

Jedi: Fallen Order promises an adventure that appeals to both Star Wars fans and those who are unfamiliar with the galaxy thanks to its outstanding narrative and intricate gameplay mechanics. Whatever your How Long is Jedi Fallen Order question, the force is calling you to explore this epic journey in depth.


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