Came across the Go Hoe or Go Home game on your feed? If you found it to be interesting, then let’s delve deeper to know more about the game.

Go Hoe or Go Home Game

The name of this game is definitely unique and different. You won’t find a game named “Go Hoe or Go Home” easily. So, what is the Go Hoe or Go Home game all about?

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Go Hoe or Go Home Game

Go Hoe or Go Home game is a drinking card game rolled out by Loverzz B.V. It was released in 2022, and has become a hit amongst people. All you need is this game, 2+ players, and enough alcohol!

It has 104 cards, each with a different dare for someone, or a question that they have to answer. This game is supposed to make you have fun and drunk. The official site for this game says,

“The box is filled with the funniest, spiciest questions and dares, which will have your group laughing, bonding, and wasted! All you need are enough alcohol, shot glasses, and your party crew.”

Go Hoe or Go Home Game

This game went viral on TikTok and became a sensation. Everyone wanted this game to be played at their parties.

Even though this game is suggested to be played at parties, it is recommended that you have people who you’re comfortable with, as this game can turn spicy. Some examples of what the cards might entail are:

  • Let the person on your right scroll through your social media for 1 minute or drink
  • Body Shot cards: Take a body shot from the player sitting to their left
  • Start a Never Have I Ever game

Reminder: The suitable age for this game is 21+.

This game is definitely going to make your parties more fun, and get you drunk!

More by Loverzz B.V.

Other than the Go Hoe or Go Home game, Loverzz B.V. has more games. Here are the details:

1. Go Hoe or Go Home- Couples Edition

This game is made for you to play with your significant other. It is the same as the Go Hoe or Go Home game, except you have to play this with your partner, as it can get really intimate and romantic.

Go Hoe or Go Home Game

The official site for this game says,

“The best drinking game for an intimate and spicy night together. Get to know each other better and mess around with each other. Give drunk in love its own meaning when playing this game.”

This game has 52 cards in total, and can surely make up for a romantic evening for you and your partner!

2. Go High or Go Home

If you are not a person who is interested in drinking games and are the to smoke a joint and have fun with your friends, then Go High or Go Home is the game for you! This pack consists of 55 cards and has questions and dares which will make you high.

Go Hoe or Go Home Game

The official site says,

“The perfect game for if you love smoking joints and having fun. Play with friends, your partner, strangers or whoever you want. We guarantee you will have a great time smoking up together.

55 playing cards with just one purpose; getting you and your friends high.”


The TikTok viral Go Hoe or Go Home game is one of the good drinking card games out there. All you need is alcohol and more than 2 people. Each card has something on it, that the person has to answer or perform. And if you don’t, you drink.

Other games like Go Hoe or Go Home- Couples Edition and Go High or Go Home are also by the same company and can be played at parties or with your significant other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many cards are in the Go Hoe or Go Home game?

There are 104 cards in the Go Hoe or Go Home game. Each card has something on it which has to be done by the players.

2. Do I have to be 21+ to buy the Go Hoe or Go Home game?

No, you don’t have to be a certain age to buy the game, but since it is a drinking game, we advise the players to be of the legal drinking age.

3. What are the rules for playing the Go Hoe or Go Home game?

There are no rules! You just need 2+ players and alcohol to play this game and end up having fun!

4. How long does it take to play this game?

There is no particular time frame for this game, you can play for as long as you want. When the cards get over, you can always shuffle and play again!


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