By now you must have already known what happened to Anthem, the news that EA officially canceled Anthem NXT is spread like fire. Everybody on the internet is talking about this tragic news; Anthem might not have a heavy fanbase unlike other looter-shooter games but surely all the fans were hopeful about the upcoming updates. All the new and improvements that this game was to offer. However, after the official cancellation of the entire Anthem game, it is impossible to see all those changes and improvements. Thankfully EA has decided to keep the Anthem server online for all the fans who are still hung on to the Anthem. But it is uncertain how long will EA continue to deliver the services.

Anthem update

Anthem Update: The Story So Far

Anthem was initially released in February 2019 which is more than two years as of now. The game was super hyped and one of the most talked-about games during its initial release phase. The trailer, the gameplay the visual everything looked promising till it was officially released.

However, everything turned out pretty bad when the game actually released. It was highly criticized; the game was not as polished as the developers were talking, there were bugs in the game; there was a huge lack of content and customization, lack of compelling storyline, and many other things that made it an instant let down. But despite all of the failure and the game had some potential and it was playable.

Anthem Update: April

The first big update was released right after two months of the initial release of the game. This update brought the final strong golf mission, aside from it, the player can replay the story mission from the campaign at a higher difficulty. Later on, in August the next big update called cataclysm was announced. However, till this point, to be honest, the game was not improved a bit in fact it was at the worst situation.

Anthem update

Anthem Update: August

With the august update, there were some bugs fixed. But these new fixes ended up generating more bugs, the game even on a high-end gaming machine was running poorly. There were countless complaints regarding the crashing, stuttering, and lagging of the game. Going back to the Cataclysm this update was not released at the proposed and time and took quite a while to finally drop. Cataclysm was big and it brought some new weapons, increased legendaries, and added some abilities.

Anthem Update

Anthem Update: October

In the mid of October, the next big update was released called season of the skull. This update brought some new maps and activities. By this time the game was beginning to move in the right direction.

Anthem Update

December Update

In December again a new big update named Ice tode was released. However, this update took back the cataclysms maps for some reason. Ice tide brought some new exciting things like open-world events, time trials and made some improvements in the quality of life. 

Obviously, after one year since the fame release, it has undergone some of them were big updates while some were incremental updates improvements. The game was was surely better than its initial state. 

Also by this time Anthem 2.0/ Nxt was already announced by Bioware which includes the complete overhaul of the game however there were no announcements made after that February. 

Anthem Update

February 2021 Update: The End Of Anthem 

In February the game was canceled out completely. The announcement was by the lead developer of the game on the official Anthem website. You can check out the announcement there.

Why did it happen?

Surely most people are wondering that why does the game suddenly cancels out. From the previous few updates, it was pretty clear that the game was getting better, new content and maps were adding up. All the major bugs were already fixed with the incremental updates. Most of us had the question the EA made did not make the correct choice. Well according to us below are the possible reasons that the game ended.

Lack of Fan support and lots of criticism.

Apart from the small fanbase of Anthem, the game was barely getting any recognization. Yes, the updates had improved the game but still, it was not as good as all the other games which Anthem was against. Anthem failed to make it reach the people, any new player was not motivated to play the game.

Lack Of Enthusiasm in Game Developers

The team that made Anthem was pretty small as compared to other big games. With the initial failure of the game, the developers might have tried their best to improve the game. But their motivation and enthusiasm was already dying. The lead member of the game who left the team is a big example of this.

Management Effects Due to Covid 

Covid has affected every industry and the gaming industry is not an exception. Anthem has also suffered from it. Developing a game requires a constant connection with other team members, it requires coordination and information exchange. Covid has made all these things very hard. So it is also one of the reasons why Anthem finally canceled.


In the above news article, we have gone through all the details about the Anthem update. The game was canceled out completely in February 2021. Although the existing players can play the existing Anthem game. But soon the servers will be shut down soon for that also.

Hopefully, this article has given all the information you were looking for. Thank you!


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