Auto clickers have given great relief to people who do clicking tasks for hours without stopping. But unfortunately, while thousands of auto clickers are online, only a few dominate the auto clicker market.

IO Auto Clicker Review

IO Auto Clicker is a software that many people recommend for clicking tasks, so in this article, we will be reviewing it in detail to see whether it’s worth the hype. So Let’s get started. 


IO Auto clicker is a fully customizable clicking software with a colorful and straightforward Interface. While using the software, you don’t have to go into any sub-menus to access different settings as everything is on the main menu.

You can set a time delay between each click or even two-time intervals if you want to generate random clicks. The IO Auto Clicker lets you generate clicks for the left, right, and middle mouse buttons and also features two click types; Single and double click.

A great thing about this clicker is that you can generate as many clicks as you want. If you’re not sure how many clicks you will need, it also has an option that generates unlimited clicks for you until you allow it to stop.

When it comes to the location of clicking, there are two options. First is the current location that generates clicks wherever your cursor is on the screen. The second option allows you to select a particular spot on your screen by adding X and Y values in the auto clicker.

Hotkeys of the IO Auto Clicker can be customized, so you can quickly turn on the auto clicker with just one press on the keyboard.

On IO Auto Clicker, you can record your clicking activity to playback or repeat whenever you want. This feature is extremely helpful for those people who hate it when their screen turns off after a few minutes of inactivity. They can schedule clicks on the auto clicker, set a delay, and type the number of repeats they want, which would automatically generate clicks and keep their screens on.

Lastly, the unique thing about this auto clicker is that you can switch its theme to dark mode. This feature might not be big for some people, but if you’re conscious about how your PC appears, you might like this feature.

IO Auto Clicker Review

System Requirement

IO auto clicker has minimal system requirement; therefore, it can run on any device as long as they are operating on the following Windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

IO Auto Clicker Features

  • Unlimited Clicks 
  • Simple interface
  • Two Clicking Types (Single Click and Double Click)
  • Generates clicks for left, right, and middle mouse buttons
  • Two Clicking Options (Current Location and Pick Location)
  • Can playback and record clicks 
  • Customizable hotkeys 
  • Features a Dark theme as well
  • Compatible with Windows 

Downloading Guide for IO Auto Clicker

If this auto clicker was successful in impressing you and you want to download it, here are a few steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open any browser and search for in the search bar.

Step 2: Once the website opens, you will see a Download Now button on the screen >Click on it.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the download page. Press on Download Now again to start the downloading process.

Step 4: It would only take a few seconds for the file to download as the file size is only 864 KB. Once the file is downloaded, it will appear on the bottom left of the computer screen—Right-click on the file and select Show in folder.

Step 5:Find your file in the folder, right-click on it > bring your cursor on sending to > Select desktop (A shortcut for the file will appear on your desktop).

Step 6: Click on the Desktop Shortcut and run the file. The IO Auto Clicker is ready to be used.

How to Use IO Auto Clicker?

Step 1: Open the Software.

Step 2: The first section is Click Interval. Here you can add delay in between your clicks. You can either add a specific time interval between clicks by selecting Set Time or Two different time intervals by choosing the Random Click Interval option.

The first section is Click Interval

Step 3: Just below the click interval is the Click Options section. The first option in this section is Mouse Button. Under this option, you can select the mouse button you want to auto-click (Left, Right, and Middle Button)

The second option is Click Type, in which you can select between Double and Single Click.

The second option is Click Type, in which you can select between Double and Single Click.

Step 4: In front of the Click options is the Click Repeat section. Here you can select the number of repetitions you want for the clicks.

In front of the Click options is the Click Repeat section

Step 5: After this comes the Cursor Position section, which has two options. Current Location would generate clicks where your cursor would be placed on the screen. In Pick Location, you can add the X and Y values to determine the place where you want to generate clicks.

After this comes the Cursor Position section, which has two options

Step 6: The starts and stop buttons show the default hotkeys for starting and stopping the auto clicker. If you want to change the hotkey to something else, you can click on Change Hotkey, a sub-menu will pop-up press on Change Hotkey, and then press the key you want to select as your hotkey.

The starts and stop buttons show the default hotkeys for starting and stopping the auto clicker

Step 7: To record and playback your clicking activity, select the Record and Playback button in front of the change hotkey. After clicking on it, a sub-menu will open where you can add a timer for the playback, the number of repeats, and the delay between repeats.


Q1. Is IO Auto Clicker Free to Use?

Ans: Yes! It is entirely free to use with all features, and you can download it from the official website.

Q2. Can IO Auto Clicker Cause a Virus?

Ans: The IO Auto Clicker is 100% safe to use, as it doesn’t contain any malware and is constantly updated.  

Q3. For What Purpose is IO Auto Clicker Used?

Ans: IO Auto Clicker can be used for the following purposes:

  • Data Entry 
  • Gaming
  • Any other task that requires continuous or fast clicking


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