Spread out across 17 years and seven different consoles, there are many Kingdom Hearts titles out there; still, just like many others, if you also want to know How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There, then today, in this article, we are going to tell you all the versions with their purchase links if you made up your mind to play any one of those. Let’s deep dive into the How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There article and find out the exact number of Kingdom hearts game versions.

How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There

Answer on How Many Kingdom Hearts Games are there?

After a fourteen-year-long wait after Kingdom Hearts II, fans all over the world were able to get their hands on the fabled Kingdom Hearts III. However, despite the numbering, Kingdom Hearts III is not the third installment in the series. There were several titles released in-between Kingdom Hearts II and III, and today in this article, we will answer How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There, which is 13. There are around 13 official releases of Kingdom Hearts.


S No.Kingdom Hearts Games Name
1.Kingdom Hearts I
2.Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
3.Kingdom Hearts II
4.Kingdom Hearts Coded
5.Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
6.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
7.Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
8.Kingdom Hearts X
9.Kingdom Hearts Unchained X
10.Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep
11.Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover
12.Kingdom Hearts Union X
13.Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts Games List:

So here we are showing you all the Kingdom Hearts Games List. So just check out all the Lists from here.

1. Kingdom Hearts I –

Kingdom Hearts

The story in Kingdom Hearts is fun and simple to follow, even for some kids. The one detail which you’ll actually have with this game is, however, dated the combat system feels with this first iteration of the series.

2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories –

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a sequel to the primary game that debuted on Gameboy Advance. It sounds like a watered-down Kingdom Hearts expertise, right down to the card-based combat that feels drastically totally different.

3. Kingdom Hearts II –

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II expands on the primary game by up the combat and making an additional participating store. Roxas returns as the beginning character that ought to be acquainted with those that compete for the moveable games.

4. Kingdom Hearts Coded –

Kingdom Hearts Coded

Nothing specific happens in Kingdom Hearts Coded story that creates the painful gameplay value experienced. Each world featured within the game is simply traced from earlier Kingdom Hearts games that value experiencing.

5. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days –

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is another moveable title within the Kingdom Hearts series that’s pretty skippable. It absolutely was additionally free on Nintendo DS in 2009 and introduced a brand new protagonist known as Roxas.

6. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep –

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Many fans regard Birth By Sleep as having the most straightforward story within the franchise, which is tough to argue. It’s the primary game to feature 3 playable characters; however, they’re juggled in such the simplest way to form their stories complex and fascinating.

7. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance –

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D is the best portable Kingdom Hearts game on the list to date. The story is pleasurable if contrived, particularly with the introduction of your time, and travel within the game. The time-traveling site solely serves to form the story a lot confusing at points; however, it’s still pleasurable if you concentrate.

8. Kingdom Hearts X –

Kingdom Hearts X

Kingdom Hearts X may be a mobile game that takes place once the traditional Keyblade war. Players will produce their own Keyblade wielder and be part of one among 5 unions. Several of the chapters within the game are set in filmmaker worlds visited by the most series in the past.

9. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X –

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Though Kingdom Hearts Unchained X may be a mobile game crammed with scores of difficult microtransactions, it’s a must-play for fans. United Nations agencies are still speculative about what this mysterious glowing heart within the sky is all regarding. It’s the primary title within the franchise that permits users to form their own character, and it perpetually updates with new filmmaker film properties.

10. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep –

0.2 Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep was released as part of the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection and served as a demo for Kingdom Hearts III. This game is not really a full-fledged game since you can finish it within an hour or two.

11. Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover –

X Back Cover

Now, if we talk about Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover, then it’s another X series Kingdom Hearts game that may be a feature-length, computer-animated film that is the tenth installment within the Kingdom Hearts series. Other than that, it’s additionally a part of Kingdom Hearts HD, a pair of 2.8 Final Chapter introductions, and acts as a companion piece to Kingdom Hearts.

12. Kingdom Hearts Union X –

Union X

Kingdom Hearts Union X is basically a cash-grab that focuses on attacking wallets over attention-grabbing gameplay. Players that have slogged through all 800-something quests square measure then drip-fed the essential story updates every few months to stay them enjoying.

13. Kingdom Hearts III –


The most recent version of the Kingdom Hearts series Kingdom Hearts III that the fans have been looking forward to is around fifteen years to have their hands on this game. Other than that, the most useful feature of Kingdom Hearts III is an action-oriented combat system, which this time does not feels sluggish.

Final Words:

Now at the end of this article on How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There, we have to say that Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise has managed to evolve into an international JPRG sensation since its debut in 2002. The franchise has expanded a lot into 13 versions since 2002 and made a separate fan base.

Hence, we conclude our article on How Many Kingdom Hearts Games Are There, and we hope that you all love our work; if you have any other topic on which you want us to work, then you can add them to the comments down below.


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