Facing errors while launching any game can be frustrating; today’s guide talks about a similar case. Users who have installed GTA 5 onto their system face a strange memory error. According to the users, a popup appears when they launch the game, saying GTA 5 out of game memory. Please reboot and restart the game. The exciting thing is that this error appears even when no apps are running in the background. If you are also going through the same scenario, this guide is for you. We have covered all the significant queries related to this issue, like why this issue occurs and what are the best solutions to fix this issue.

GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory

Why Does GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory Please Reboot and Restart the Game Occurs?

One of the most asked questions is why this GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory error occurs when the system is just running fine. Starting from the mods and addons, if you have installed any mods, chances are this is the reason why you face this issue. The second reason that can be the cause is your outdated graphics driver. Thirdly installation of an incorrect DirectX version can also trigger this issue. Lastly, multiple users have confirmed that if your system uses dedicated and integrated graphics simultaneously, it can cause issues.

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How to Fix GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory Please Reboot and Restart the Game Issue

Users have confirmed that GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory issues can occur in windows 7 and above. So below methods can be used on any of the mentioned Windows versions. All of the methods work depending upon the actual cause of the issue. So choose a suitable method and follow the steps correctly.

1. Remove Game Mods Or Addons

So the first thing we suggest is to uninstall, disable or remove any game mode you use.

The game mod might add some desired changes, functionality, or feature, but they are also prone to cause GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory fix issues with the game

So try to uninstall these add-ons and try running the game

GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory

2. Do a Power Cycle

Power cycling is a troubleshooting method that is very effective if the issue is due to temporary problems. Chances are that some services or processes are running in the background while you are running the game, or any app prevents the application from running. Also, chances are that it is a temporary glitch. Power cycling is enough to fix the GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory in all of these cases. Please reboot and restart the game issue.

  • STEP 1. First of all, close the game and then Shutdown your system


  • STEP 2. Now unplug the main power chord
  • STEP 3. Let it remain unplugged for 5 minutes
  • STEP 4. Now plug the power again back and boot the system
  • STEP 5. Finally, try running the game, and hopefully, it will run fine

2. Remove the Problematic Command

Some users have managed to fix the GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory fix issue by deleting a command in the game’s config file. When you install the game, the command-line file stores essential information related to the game, like startup type and similar information. Among those commands is the ignoreDifferentVideoCard. This command is one of the causes of this error. Follow the below steps to fix this issue.

  • STEP 1. First of all, make sure that the game is closed completely
  • STEP 2. Now head to the installation directory of the game 
  • STEP 3. Once you are inside the game folder, either search or locate the file manually named commandline.txt
  • STEP 4. Once you have located the file, open it and look for the

GTA 5 out of game memory

  • STEP 5. Once you find it, delete it
  • STEP 6. After deleting, close all windows and run the game

3. Use the Dedicated Graphics Card

Some systems have a feature allowing the PC to simultaneously use dedicated and integrated graphics. Well, a lot of users have claimed that while running GTA 5, it is suggested that you should use dedicated graphics instead of integrated ones.

So try to run with the dedicated graphics card. So that you can get rid of GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory, Please reboot and restart the game error.

GTA 5 out of game memory

4. Use the Correct DirectX Version

One of the reasons you face the GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory fix error is the incorrect DirectX version installed on your system. To run the game, you must install suitable DirectX. Otherwise, the game will crash. 

So by default, the game should run on the DX 11. But users facing the crash issue have confirmed that changing the DX version to DX10.1 or DX10 fixes the issue for them. You can also change this by going through the game settings.

Settings > Graphics > DirectX Version

DirectX Version

5. Check if the Graphics Driver Updated

Another major cause that triggers the GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory Please reboot and restart the game issue if you are running an outdated graphics driver. It is suggested that you check if there is any update for the graphics driver. For that, you can use the NVIDIA Geforce Experience application.

  • STEP 1. Open the NVIDIA Geforce Experience application
  • STEP 2. On the top, click on the drivers
  • STEP 3. Now on the top right, click on check for updates

NVIDIA Geforce Experience application

  • STEP 4. If there are any updates, present and complete them, and hopefully, your issue will be fixed


GTA 5 out of game memory; please reboot and restart the game is an error that occurs when you try to run the game; the game crashes instantly with the error statement. This guide talks about the possible reasons why this error appears. Furthermore, the guide demonstrates multiple solutions to fix the issue.

Hopefully, by now, your GTA 5 Out Of Game Memory Please reboot and restart the game issue has been fixed. For more guides on games and other games, stuff follows us. Thank you!


  1. You can also install a heap adjuster and packfile limit adjuster and it will clear the error up instantly. I had the error pop up when had mods installed but missing those two and after installing both it worked like normal


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