Becoming a Discord partner adds weight to your online presence; it is an effective way to boost reach, maintain communication, and build trust for your channel, brand, or name. Discord partner helps creators, streamers, developers, and artists to develop their community more strongly. So let’s check out everything about the How to Become a Discord Partner article. Discord Partner is a very exclusive program, and it can be tough to select; only around a thousand out of 250 million-plus users are chosen for the partner program. If you also plan to apply for the program, you are in the right place. A vast majority of the users are unaware of all the requirements you must satisfy for applying for the Discord partner program. For your ease, we have put together all the important stuff on How to Become a Discord partner to help you reach the goal.

On How to Become a Discord partner

Requirements on How to Become a Discord Partner

Your Server needs to be atleast 8 Weeks Old: The first requirement is all about the age of your Server. According to Discord, it needs to be a minimum of 8 weeks old before you apply for the Discord Partner.

Your Server needs to have a minimum of 500 Members: Discord checks for the server insights statistics and to compute that, and it is a crucial requirement that you have at least 500 active members.

Atleast 50 Active Members per Week: This requirement is all about the activity in your Server by the members. Discord wants you to have at least 50 members actively posting messages, engagements, etc.

Your Server must Require a Minimum of 100 Participators (People who Visit/View your Server) Weekly: This looks similar to the above but is slightly different. Unlike the above, where members post or engage in your content. Here it is required that your Server maintains constant actions such as viewing, reading, posting messages, and reacting to posts by the members. If the people are checking your Server, it will be counted.

Member Stability: This requirement is for the servers which are actively growing. According to this requirement, at least half of the users out of the total who join your Server in a week must retain a weekly basis. 

Make sure that 2FA Requirement for Server Moderation is Enabled: First, to enable this must have to be the server owner. Then, to allow it to, simply head to Settings > Moderation.

Perks of Becoming a Discord Partner

  • You will get your hands on the Partner badge (an infinity symbol)
  • Get your custom link and your very own custom invite splash design
  • With the discord partner, you will unlock the Higher bit-rate VIP servers for voice channels within their Server
  • Once you become a discord partner, you have access to add yourself to the Server Discovery page
  • Get a free Discord Partner hoodie. Also, a free Discord Nitro for the server owner
  • You will get access to the private Discord Partners guild
  • You will be treated as a priority when it comes to the Discord Support
  • Get your hands on an owner badge next to your name on their profile
  • Get access to Server Insights and statistics from the day you become a partner

Procedure on How to Become a Discord Partner Easily

By now, you know all the important details regarding the requirements on How to become a discord partner. In addition, you have all the knowledge regarding its benefits; now, let us walk you through the How to Become a Discord Partner step for applying to become a Discord partner. The process is very easy. Just follow the How to Become a Discord Partner steps, so you do not miss out on anything important.

On How to Become a Discord partner

Check if You are Eligible to Apply

  • STEP 1. Make sure that you have the Discord Partner Badge before applying
  • STEP 2. So firstly, head to your Server Settings; you can do this by clicking on the Server name > Server Settings

Server Settings

  • STEP 3. Now on the left, head to the Community Section > Server Insights, then on the right, click on the Server Insights Button

Server Insights

  • STEP 4. A new page will open; now, on the left below, click on Server Program
  • STEP 5. Here you will get to know if you are eligible for the Discord Partner Program

You need to have Yeses for eight weeks in a row before you will be able to apply for the Partner Program. You can cross-check the requirements mentioned above.

Once you are eligible to apply, let’s proceed with the Application Process.

Steps to Apply for Discord Partner

  • STEP 1. Once you are eligible to apply, open this link
  • STEP 2. Now open up your Settings > Partner Program 
  • STEP 3. On the right click on the Apply for Partnership button

On How to Become a Discord partner

  • STEP 4. Now a popup will appear; here, you have to fill out all the required details
  • STEP 5. Once you have filled out the form, press the Submit button
  • STEP 6. You will receive the confirmation within 30 days


The Discord Partner program is Discord’s royalty program that gives loads of benefits and services. The above How to Become a Discord Partner guide talks about each aspect you must know: How to Become a Discord Partner.

Hopefully, the above How to Become a Discord Partner guide answers all your queries. For more guides like this on How to Become a Discord Partner, follow us. Thank you!


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