Borderlands surely has uniqueness in itself. With characters separated by classes, this game is a first-person action shooter game. This game surely has all fun things, which include unique skills, weapons, credits, and survival from bandits, local alien wildlife. Today in this Borderlands 1 Characters article, we will be taking a close look at borderlands 1 characters. We will be covering everything you need to know about each player. With a unique approach, this game has given a breath of satisfaction and thrill. Within 3 months of its launch, this game has already sold over two million copies worldwide.


Stoy of the begin with vault, now the vault has everything through which you can live your life in luxuries like wealth, fame, and money. Now this vault is located on a far distant planet Pandora. So a group of 4 team members is formed belonging to different classes. Your mission is to hunt and survive by killing the alien wildlife and bandits. But they also need to stop another corporation from landing hand onto the vault first.

S.No.NameSpecial Skill
1.Roland, the SoldierScorpio Turret
2.Mordecai the HunterBloodwing
3.Lilith the SirenPhasewalk
4.Brick the BerserkerBerserk Mode

(List) Borderlands 1 Characters: Which is your Best?

Borderlands 1 has an overall 4 Borderlands 1 Characters. All of the Borderlands 1 Characters have been briefly explained below with their unique skills and fighting styles.

1. Roland the Soldier –

Roland is an all-round character, with his unique ability Scorpio Turret, he manages to land highly destructive attacks plus this also defend him from enemy attacks. If you prefer to play alone and killing by yourself, this character is for you. And since he belongs to soldier class, he has all the instincts of survival and fighting and all the knife, rifle, sniper, and precision attacks. Roland is an ex-military officer of the Atlas Group. He left the corporation when their executive tried to kill him. He also dates Lilith in between the game. Furthermore, Roland’s skills are also used in the healing of the other vault hunters. So this is in the list of Borderlands 1 Characters.


2. Mordecai the Hunter –

Second, on our Borderlands 1 Characters list is Mordecai. Similar to Roland, he is also a solo player. But he has a set of different techniques. His unique skill is the Bloodwing; with this skill, he can kill long-range targets. Similar to Roland, he is also equipped with rifles and guns. Mordecai is a warm, welcoming person. He is a very good gunslinger. His unique skill Bloodwing is basically a bird, but don’t underestimate it as it can create a lot of destruction. He is an excellent sharpshoot since childhood. Mordecai is a great team player.


3. Lilith the Siren –

Thirdly we have Lilith only women in borderlands 1 characters list. With her magical special skill Phasewalk, she can turn invisible and escape from an attack, which proves to be a great skill. With a versatile fighting style, she lands elemental attacks, which, if used carefully, can create lots of invasions. She belongs to the planet Dionysus and one of the six remaining Siren. After defeating General Knoxx, Roland and Lilith went to Elpis, where Handsome Jack asks them for help. She comes to pandora in search of other left sirens as she is still unaware of her potential in magical powers.

lilth Borderlands 1 Characters

4. Brick the Berserker –

Finally, we have Brick. With his unique skill, Berserk Mode, he can be very dangerous. With his unique ability, he can wipe large volumes of the enemy, but this skill also has a downside of putting him vulnerable to attacks. His skills help in enhancing his kamikaze character. He is also Equipped with Rocket launchers, grenades, and all weaponry items. He has been exiled with the crimson raiders because of his violent nature. Furthermore, he also has the ability to absorb attacks. And he is like a Tank in the army. The purpose of brick’s coming to pandora is to search for her missing sister. So this is also in the list of Borderlands 1 Characters.

brick Borderlands 1 Characters


With being this the end of the Borderlands 1 Characters article, I am sure you must have chosen your best player in this list of Borderlands 1 Characters. All the Borderlands 1 Characters have a special skill that puts one in a better position from others. If you go with Lilith, she has the power to turn invisible. But with the Scorpio Turret of Roland, you can attack as well save yourself from attacks. While if you are stuck in enemies, Bloodwing of Mordecai will save you by powerful blow attack.While Brick has the ability to absorb attacks and high weaponry items, which left the enemy with no choice but to die.

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