So you have this great day, and you decided to spend this day by playing your favorite game on Steam. Sometimes steam doesn’t update games automatically, and we have no idea how to update steam games. When you open the game, a dialogue box appears that says,

steam game update error

“Failed to start the game with shared content. Please update these games first.”

And with this error on your screen, all your excitement just fades away. Well, you are not the only person who has got a headache due to this problem. Sometimes you are faced with a situation where a game doesn’t play unless it is updated though it should be automatically updated, sometimes due to some bugs or maybe you are using an outdated version of the steam. People can’t download or update steam games.

But do not worry, we have a perfect solution to this problem.

Steam is basically a giant platform for gaming lovers, which digitally distributes its various services majorly being video games. The company name Valve owns steam. It offers Digital Right Management so that you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Since its launch, the community of steam has gotten massive where a user can not only just play games but also make friends, buy games, can do voice chats, collect points and credits, and much more than you can think and guess what you download steam for free. If you love to have your own collection of cards and like to level up well, steam is for you.

Steam logo

Unlike other online gaming platforms, Steam provides you certain flexibility and freedom in its services like a big collection of games is free, and on special occasions, you get up to 80% discount on games. As you level, you get credits, and you earn badges that maintain your credibility and integrity. Further, there is a room full of customizations; you can create your profile as you like.

Steam has more than 30,000 games in its library and keeps on increasing steam has kept every type of gamer in mind whether you are fond of racing games, fighting games, adventure games, shooting games, multiplayer games,open-world games. Furthermore Steam has wide Categories of the game include Simulation Games, Role-playing games, Strategy games, Sports games, Puzzle games, Idle games, Survival games, and the list keeps getting longer.

Further, if you are done with these games and still want something unique that matches your taste, steam have also the feature of making your own game in which you can also publish your own game, and if a steam community like your design of the game, it will be made available on Steam.

Now, let’s proceed to How to Update Steam Games,

(Guide) Steps on How to Update Steam Games

Updates are an essential factor that fixes the bugs and responsible for the increase in the performance of any game and maintain the stability of the game with additional features and content. Though steam has the functionality of automatically updating a game, sometimes users disable the automatic update, and the version gets outdated, and various bugs and errors begin to appear.

But don’t worry, we got you covered follow this step by step guide to overcome this problem.

1. Open Steam –

2. Go to Library where all your Games are Located –

Steam Game Library

3. Now Right Click on your Desired Game –

Steam Games

4. Go to Properties –

Steam Game Properties

5. Select the LOCAL FILES Tab –

Steam Game Local Files

6. Below, You will see VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES Click on it –

Steam Game Integrity

*Note: It might take a few minutes to verify and download the update.

Cheers, you have successfully overcome the issue regarding how to update steam games.


As many people were facing difficulties in how to update steam games, this guide will surely solve your problem. Steam is designed for hardcore gaming lovers. If you have a PC or laptop and love playing games on Steam is a delight. And let me tell you once again it is free so try it out and have fun.

I hope your problem has been solved, kindly drop your views and thought below and if you are facing any issues in following this Update Steam Games tutorial kindly tell we are here to help you. If you are facing any problems on another gaming platform, kindly notify us, we will be happy to solve it, and if you want us to write about something, don’t hesitate to say to us.



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