Those parents or persons who are teaching piano to kids know that it is both a challenging and rewarding task. Still, today in this Piano Games For Kids article, we are going to tell you some Best piano games for kids which fun to play, and with their help, you can turn seemingly boring piano lessons into enjoyable memories. Kids love having fun; therefore, the more fun your lessons are, the more interested your students will become. The best piano games for kids which are mentioned here will not only be able to have a good time but also improve their piano skills. So let’s check out everything about the Piano Games For Kids article.

Piano Games For Kids

(Top 5) Super Easy & Best Piano Games for Kids to Play

If your young child is like the vast majority of kids who loves to learn by playing, then you may need to break up their practice with the best piano games for kids like other activities. As far as we know, playing music games for kids can certainly help in between the private piano lessons, and most of these you can play with your child even if you don’t have much of a music background. Now let’s get to know more about the Piano Games For Kids guide from here.

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S.No.Best Piano Games For Kids Name
1.Picture Book
2.One a Penny Two a Penny
3.Play It By Ear
4.The Improvisation Game
5.Magical Ball

1. Picture Book –

Piano Games For Kids

We all must agree that books containing excellent and animated pictures are a unique way to guide kids in an improvisation that progresses through a beginning, middle, and end. This is because so many children will respond immediately when you ask them to look at the picture and think about what it would sound like.

You can point out specific features in the pictures if they get stuck. For instance, “See the twinkling stars? Then you can ask, can you make a twinkling sound like those stars might make?” or “Those are some big, hairy monsters! and similarly, you can ask how can you make a big, hairy sound on the piano?” Of course, you can always play with them, and here’s a little example of the best piano games for kids in lessons to get them started. Chances are, they will be impatient for you to stop so that they can get their hands on the piano keys.

2. One a Penny Two a Penny –

This is an activity that can be a perfect exercise for beginners when they need to learn and memorize the notes on the keyboard. Other than that, this game works best for solo lessons. However, you are also encouraged to try this game with a small group of young learners, and they can take turns playing this game.

Piano Games For Kids

The best thing we found about this game is that your kid will have an opportunity to learn to memorize the names of each note with more fun rather than learning note by letter in the parrot fashion. In addition, kids will be encouraged to remember notes faster through this game. So this is one of the best Piano Games For Kids Online.

3. Play It By Ear –

Playing it by ear is a great and enjoyable game; other than that, it can be a great introduction to the piano for your kid. This game is considered to be simple yet highly effective. When kids first start taking piano lessons, they will feel intrigued by the piano’s sounds. To capture their interest and attention at this very first stage, you need to make the piano appealing to them by allowing them to play with it rather than taking it too seriously.

Piano Games For Kids

You can play a random uplifting melody and let your students experiment with the piano sounds. This natural yet fun-promising activity you can try at the beginning of the lesson is to make your students play the piano by ear. While playing this game, your kid can either try copying the way you play or create their very own sounds. Then, depending on the level of your students, you can ask them to sing along with the melody you play and ask them to recreate the melody later on. So this is also in the Best Piano Games For Kids list unblocked.

4. The Improvisation Game –

This game focuses on helping students learn to improvise and improve their knowledge of how white and black notes differ from each other. Unlike the Piano Games For Kids mentioned above, this game is more geared towards intermediate learners. This game works best as a warm-up exercise or when your students feel a little bored during painful lessons. This is on the list of best Piano Games For Kids in lessons.

Piano Games For Kids

5. The Magical Ball –

This is yet one of many fun best piano games for kids online to play and learn simultaneously. This game focuses on helping young learners remember piano keys quickly. This is a straightforward game that can be done with minimum effort, but it’s a perfect option for kids who love to move all the time.

Piano Games For Kids

Final Words:

After playing the games mentioned in this Piano Games For Kids article on the best Piano Games For Kids, we hope you will be able to turn your piano lessons into exciting sessions filled with joy and laughter. Hope you like the Piano Games For Kids article guide from here. Teaching kids piano can be a daunting task. However, it can be an enriching experience if you know how to add fun to it. So, feel free to experiment with the ideas above to come up with your fun best Piano Games For Kids to play.

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