Pokemon games have always been thrilling and fascinating for us, especially when you look for your favourite pokemon. Today’s How to Get Dreepy article revolves around the Pokem Sword and Shield game, especially for users who are eagerly looking to get their hands on the Dreepy. This article covers the most asked question How to get Dreepy, Drakloak, and Dragapult, which are very rare Pokemon to obtain. All three pokemon are the brand new entry in the sword and shield title. All three pokemon are really very strong, and that is why there are not so easy even to find; catching is very far. But you do not have to very as this How to Get Dreepy guide will cover each tip and trick that will guarantee your possession of this special pokemon you have been waiting for.

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Dreepy belongs to the pseudo-legendary Dragon-type pokemon, which are very powerful pokemon. For those who do not know Drakloak, and Dragapult are the evolved forms of Dreepy. Catching the Drakloak and Dragapult can be hard. You need to have some powerful pokemon to fight against, which most of us do not have. So the best way to get hands-on with them is to obtain the Dreepy, and later on, it can evolve to be Drakloak and Dragapult.

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Steps on How to Get Dreepy Very Easily & Quickly

Now I have repeated before that these are quite rare to find because you need to know the right condition when to look for them. So let’s get started with all the important things on how to get dreepy.

1. Getting to the Location

The first thing is the location; you will not be able to get Dreepy wandering here and there like other pokemon; they are found in unique spots. Now open up your time-map, and you have to advance to the upper part of the wild area, it is in the top left-hand corner near the lake of outrage. For an easier idea of the location, look at the below picture.

How to get Dreepy?

This is the location where Dreepy and Drakloak spawn in the wild. However, there is one more thing that you must look at. Knowing alone the location will not guarantee the chances of obtaining Dreepy and Darkloak. There have to be certain weather conditions to look for as well.

2. Getting the Correct Weather Conditions

Now that you know the exact location, there is one more thing that you must keep in mind, and that is the weather condition. Dreepy and Drakloak only spawn under weather conditions like either Fog, Cloudy, or Storm. So to optimize your chances, you need to be sure that you have one of these mentioned weather conditions.

Now some of the users might not know to check the weather condition in the game. Well, that is quite easy. The below steps will tell how to know the weather condition of a specific area or others at once.

  • STEP 1. Open up your time map 
  • STEP 2. Now press the Plus button on your Joycon

And you can now see the weather conditions in all the areas.

How to get Dreepy?

Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that for you the weather would be a clear sunny day which is quite the opposite of what you are looking for. This will reduce the chances drastically of spawning Dreepy and Drakloak.

But do not worry, there is a trick that can change the weather to your desired weather. Follow the steps.

  • STEP 1. Press the Home button on your Joycon
  • STEP 2. Go back to the Home screen
  • STEP 3. Head to Settings > System > Date and Time

How to get Dreepy?

  • STEP 4. Here firstly, turn off the Synchronise Clock via the Internet
  • STEP 5. Now set the Date to tomorrow
  • STEP 6. Now head back to Homescreen and open the game, and toggle on the weather

You can see that the weather condition has now changed. In case the weather is still not suitable, try changing the date again to forward. Check again, and surely you will get your suitable weather conditions.

Once the weather is OK, advance straight to the location, Dreepy is one of those pokemon that only spawn in grassy areas. So look around in the grass and also look for exclamation marks. It could take a while, so stay there and keep looking for you will get it.


In this How to Get Dreepy guide, we have seen various conditions and situations on How to get Dreepy. Once you follow and satisfy all the conditions, surely dreepy will be yours.

Hopefully, by now, all your How to Get Dreepy queries have been answered. For more guides on games, follow us. Thank you!


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