While you are trying to save your life and survive through the cruel and unfavourable conditions of the barbaric world of Conan Exiles, understanding the natural resources around you can be of great help. Today’s Conan Exiles Iron Locations guide revolves around one of the precious resources in the game called iron. If you have been playing the Conan exiles for some time, you are well aware of the importance of iron, and knowing how to get iron can prove to be very handy. But getting iron is a different story, and you have to really go through some tough work. If you have just started with the game, you surely might not know where to look for the iron and other similar items. So with that in mind, this Conan Exiles Iron Locations guide is put together just to help you out so that you can get your hand on Conan exiles iron locations.

Conan exiles iron locations

About Conan Exiles Game

Conan is a survival, building, and crafting game; the world is set in the Hyborian Age of Conan, the barbarian universe. Unlike the previous instalments, this time around, you do not play as Conan. Instead, you play the role of a survivor that has been left on a crucifix but saved by Conan, the barbarian. This is the cinematic you will see as you begin the game. The game provides you with a very impressive customization level; you can create your own character by choosing your gender, skin colour, hair, eye colour, body type, and many other things. Once you are freed by Conan, you are on your own.

Conan exiles iron locations

So let’s check out everything about on this Conan Exiles Iron Locations guide. Since the game is mainly focused on survival initially, as you start the game, you will find yourself pretty punished by the environment. You start out with no clothes, weapons, or tools. And the location is set in the desert initially so you will struggle a lot. You need to eat, and you need to drink; you need to find clothes, hunt down animals, etc. After the initial phase, the game relieves a bit, and you will soon experience the game. The map is pretty big and vast. Also, the game provides you with online PVP functionality as well.

Finding Out Conan Exiles Iron Locations

Now that you have a lot of insights into the game let’s talk about the main topic of the article, Conan exiles iron locations. Now let’s get to know more about the Conan Exiles Iron Locations article from here now.

Why Do You Need Iron?

Similar to any other game, as your advance in the game, your weapons will also progress. You will start with the stone weapons and their variants. And as you progress, you will need to get iron weapons as they are light, easy to craft, and pretty sturdy. Iron weapons can give great damage as well as can handle great damage. Iron can be used to craft knives which is very helpful in survival games. Since the game is set in the barbaric age, you can not expect guns and grenades. The most powerful weapon here is none other than Iron, so you must have good iron weapons in your arsenal.

Conan exiles iron locations

In the game, you will encounter iron in the form of large grey rocks. You can see the picture below of the actual presentation of iron. Make sure that your inventory has enough space to fill the iron. You will be able to carry enough iron that will help you in crafting armor and weapons.

Iron ore in the game is located at a specific location on the map, and you will not be able to get your hands on the iron if you are looking out at the desert or the plains. In order to gather iron in large amounts, you need to head to the mountains, in the mountainous regions.

Conan exiles iron locations

Mountain regions have plenty of veins and clusters of iron that you can’t find in any other location on the map. One more thing that you must keep in mind is that getting to the location is the easy part, but passing through the location can be a great challenge because the location is filled with dangerous wildlife. You can counter giant spiders, rhinos, and hyenas.


The above Conan Exiles Iron Locations article talks about the Conan exiles iron locations, how important is iron in the game, what are the possible things you can craft with iron, and some important things that you must keep in mind while you look for iron. Hope you like this Conan Exiles Iron Locations article guide from here now.

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