PUBG Mobile has been a big hit for some years now, and its fan base is increasing year after year. Gamers love the thrilling battleground, and everybody thrives on getting that chicken dinner. Pro players have also started streaming channels and earning through them.

Tips To Become A Pro Player Of PUBG Mobile

Do you also want to become a pro player of PUBG mobile? If Yes, here are some tips that will help you brush up on your skills. Besides, you can buy PUBG hacks to get some extra perks.

Now let’s get started and learn these tips you must follow to become a pro PUBG player.

Keep Dedicated Roles

You will play PUBG in teams; therefore, success entirely depends on well-balanced teamwork. While choosing your team, ensure all of you define who will be the attacker and who will be the supporter, assaulter, defender, and sniper.

Going by such an order will help the whole team avoid chaos and confusion. Also, don’t get too excited to get kills. While getting kills is vital in the game, what is more, important is your survival. This attitude needs to run in the entire group.

Preparations are important

Another common mistake PUBG players make is jumping right into the battle without preparation. This is not the correct approach if you want to upscale your game and want to be the last standing person.

PUBG Mobile has a training map for newbies to get an idea of what they are about to experience. Take a few practice sessions and then step onto the actual battleground.

Get those Settings Right

Apart from your individual playing skills, the mechanical aspects play a vital role in PUBG. By applying the correct settings, you can adjust your shooting accuracy, see better graphics, and adjust the size and position of the controls.

Some pro players use the claw control setup, while others prefer the gyroor. Gyroor gives you better control over your long-range sprays so it might be a better option for you.

Tips to Become A Pro Player of PUBG Mobile

Make Strategies from the Beginning

The most important thing in PUBG is survival, and you can’t make it without proper strategies. Before starting to play the game, make adequate strategies about drop location, loot spots, most crowded areas, and the like.

You can do a quick research on where you can find enough loot, which is safe for landing, and zones which have higher risks. Becoming a pro player requires a lot of research work, too; hence you must not ignore these things,

Be Wise & Use Grenades

Getting the edge over other players requires you to use all potential possibilities. Wiping out your enemy using weapons may not always work, so you will have to use grenades in certain circumstances.

The best way to use grenades as a shocker for opponents is by pressing and then suddenly releasing them. When you pull out the pin, hold the grenade for three seconds, then throw it against your enemies.

Your enemies won’t get enough time to save themselves, so it gets easier for you to wipe out the whole gang. Try using smoke grenades to block their vision and sneak out quickly.

Used Vehicles

PUBG Mobile has multiple vehicles to choose from. We suggest you use various models, which wipe away the risk of easily getting caught by your opponents. When you switch between cars, your enemies won’t be able to figure out which one you are using for transportation which reduces the risk of you getting shot.

The vehicle choices you get in PUBG are- UAZ (closed top), UAZ (open top), motorcycle, sidecar motorcycle, and baggy. PG-117, Dacia 1300.

Use of Different Scopes

You will come across different scopes in PUBG, and all have different purposes. Use the 4x, 6x, and 8x for spinning and sprays, and use the red dot, 2x, and holographic for close fights.

Tips to Become A Pro Player of PUBG Mobile

Not using appropriate scopes for the appropriate time will have you killed in the game. 


Here is our take on top tips for becoming a pro player of PUBG mobile. These tips are definitely going to help you excel in the game and leave behind the other players. Be a team player and focus on proper strategies. Whatever decision you make should be beneficial for the whole team. Good luck, and keep playing!



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