If you are a true perfectionist, then surely you know the importance of each achievement in Destiny 2. Even if you have completed it, it is not actually considered completed unless you have managed to get your hands on all the Destiny 2 achievements. The game consists of a total of 23 achievements worth 1240 gemscore. And if you do not have this count, surely you are missing some achievements. The purpose of this guide is to give you all the crucial details regarding the Destiny 2 achievements and how to get them.

Destiny 2 achievements

Destiny 2 Achievements Guide: How to Unlock & Obtain Each Achievement

Below you will get all the information regarding how to unlock, and how to reach and obtain Destiny 2 achievements.

1. Long & Winding Road

Long and Winding Road

  • To Unlock: Simply Reach level 20 during the introduction story mission
  • You can not miss it as it is a story-related Destiny 2 Achievements

2. Cayde’s Pathfinder

Cayde's Pathfinder

  • To unlock: Make sure to create a Hunter Character
  • Obtain each Hunter subclass
  • Available subclasses for Hunter are as follows:
    • Arcstrider [arc]
    • Gunslinger [solar]
    • Nightstalker [void]

3. Ikora’s Protégé

Legends Grow

  • To unlock: Make sure to create a Warlock Character
  • Obtain each Warlock subclass.
  • Available subclasses for Hunter are as follows:
    • Dawnblade [solar]
    • Stormcaller [arc]
    • Voidwalker [void]

4. Zavala’s Lieutenant

Zavala's Lieutenant

  • To unlock: Make sure to create a Titan Character
  • Obtain each Titan subclass.
  • Available subclasses for Titan are as follows:
    • Striker [arc]
    • Sentinel [void]
    • Sunbreaker [solar]

5. In A Flash

Legends Grow

  • To unlock: You have to Finish a Flashpoint on any one planet, Earth, Titan, Nessus, or Io.
  • Things to notice here are, first of all, Flashpoints rotate weekly. Secondly, you are required to complete activities on the planet. Activities are directly connected to the progress bar, and you need to complete activities till it shows 100%.
  • Activities like heroic adventures or heroic public events give more points.
  • To check the progress bar, hover over the planet’s main vendor
  • To collect your reward, talk to the planet’s NPC. Also, the map will also show you the NPC location as well, so you do need to worry about finding it.

6. The People’s Hero

The People's Hero

  • To Unlock: You need to Finish a Heroic public event
  • Keep track of the symbol below to find out if there is any public event
  • Every planet has its own unique public event

7. Heart of Darkness

Legends Grow

  • To Unlock: From the orbit, you have to launch a Nightfall strike.
  • When you finish the strike, the Destiny 2 Achievements will be unlocked

8. Challenge Accepted

Legends Grow

  • To Unlock: You have to finish 30 challenges
  • To track challenges look for gold icons; also, these challenges are rotated weekly.
  • Weekly challenges linked to vanguard strikes, the crucible, nightfall the ordeal, flashpoints, gambit matches, raids, or earning XP for your clan

9. The Life Exotic

Wishing for the Best

  • To Unlock: Simply gather 15 Red War exotic weapons or armour
  • Also, the Destiny 2 Achievements are glitched, so you just need to collect 15 exotic items. However, they do not need to be Red War only
  • You can get exotic items from exotic quests; some of them can be obtained from high-level activities.

10. Show Me What You Got

Show Me What You Got

  • To Unlock: Complete the Introduction Crucible quest
  • Crucible is the PVP mode
  • Even if you lose in the PVP, you will still get the Destiny 2 Achievements

11. Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged

  • To Unlock: Locate and Encounter Xûr, he is an Agent of the Nine 
  • Things to keep in mind here is that his location changes weekly majorly he is around only from Friday to Tuesday
  • Xur is a seller of exotic items. You can purchase one exotic engram. Also, there is a limitation of 1 engram/ week for one character

12. Belly of the Beast

Belly Of The Beast

  • To Unlock: Finish the Leviathan raid
  • To finish the Leviathan raid, you will need at least five people; the activity can be launched from Nessus Orbit

13. The Prestige

Destiny 2 Achievements

  • To Unlock: Finish the Leviathan raid on Prestige difficulty
  • Prestige is more challenging than your normal difficulty, but you will also get unique rewards, including the Destiny 2 Achievements

14. Fashion Statement [DLC Required]

Legends Grow

  • To unlock: You have to Complete a Collections Badge
  • Use the F1 key to see available Collections
  • Make sure to use only one character to complete the badge for this Destiny 2 Achievements
  • Locations: Io, Titan, EDZ, and Nessus. Put your efforts into the Red War badge as it is the easiest one to complete simply grind materials and claim rank-up packages

15. Seal the Deal [DLC Required]

Destiny 2 Achievements

  • To unlock: Get Triumph Seal
  • All the Seals which are required to get this Destiny 2 Achievements
    • Wayfarer [can be completed solo]
    • Dredgen [requires to play a lot of gambits]
    • Unbroken [requires you to go through a lot of pvp]
    • Chronicler [can be completed solo]
    • Cursebreaker  except the dungeon can be completed solo]
    • Rivensbane [raid, requires at least a team of 6 players]

16. Legends Grow [DLC Required]

Legends Grow

  • To unlock: You need a minimum of 5,000 Triumph points
  • The thing to keep in mind here is that if you do not have the Forsaken DLC, the Destiny 2 Achievements will not unlock
  • Triumph points can be seen by pressing the F1 key

17. High-Stakes Play [DLC Required]

High-Stakes Play

  • To unlock: You have to Win a Gambit match; which can be launched from orbit

18. Nothing Left to Say [DLC Required]

Nothing Left to Say

  • To unlock: Pursue Uldren & Fanatic to watchtower; it’s a story-related Destiny 2 Achievements
  • Make sure that the Forsaken campaign is finished

19. Heart of the Awoken [DLC Required]

Heart of the Awoken

  • To unlock: Automatically unlock during your first to Dreaming City

20. An Exotic Journey [DLC Required]

  • To Unlock: Finish Forsaken Exotic Quest
  • The thing to keep in mind is that Cayde’s Will exotic quest will also be unlocked and obtained during the campaign
  • A simple walkthrough is
    • Unlock the quest during Forsaken Campaign
    • Defeating Uldren and the Ace of Spades
    • Take Ace of Spades to the Gunsmith at the Tower
    • Perform 5 Invasion Kills using hand cannon also kill 5 invaders while in Gambit
    • Using hand canon, Kill 250 enemies
    •  While in the Crucible, complete 25 headshot kills with hand cannon
    • Unlock all 4 of Cayde’s Caches
      • EDZ in the Sunken Isles
      • Nessus in the Sunken Caverns
      • IO in The Wraith Mines
      • Tangled Shores in Hellrise Canyon
    • Finish the mission “Ace in the Hole” on Titan
    • Finally, go back to the gunsmith at the Tower and collect your Ace of Spades Exotic Hand Cannon.

21. Darkness Falls [DLC Required]

Darkness Falls

  • To unlock: You have to Defeat any one of the Forsaken Nightfall Boss
    • Warden of Nothing
    • The Hollowed Lair
    • The Corrupted
  • The thing to keep in mind here is that Nightfalls rotate weekly, so keep track of the Forsaken playlist

22. Exotique [DLC Required]


  • To unlock: You have to gather at least 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armour, which can be obtained from quests
  • Also, please keep track of Xur as he sells Forsaken exotics too

23. Wishing for the Best [DLC Required]

Wishing for the Best

  • To unlock: You need to finish the “Last Wish” Raid


This is the end of the article on how to Get each Destiny 2 achievements guide. You surely have all the information regarding each achievement. This will surely help you not miss out on any of the Destiny 2 Achievements.

Hope you like this Destiny 2 Achievements guide from here now. For more exciting guides like Destiny 2 Achievements, follow us. Thank you!


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