Izad's Treasure

Izad’s Treasure Walkthrough

So in this section, you will get a complete walkthrough guide of Izad’s treasure. Here we will cover all the locations and clues that will help you in reaching the final location of the treasure. Simply follow the points and you will reach the treasure chest without getting lost or missing any clue.

Get your hands on the Clues

So the very first thing to do is to get all the clues, you will find a buried treasure that will contain a letter and unlock the quest for Izad’s treasure.

  • As soon as you spawn into the location; the first thing to do is to simply head straight towards the shipwreck

Izad's treasure

  • As soon as you reach close to the ship, you will see a big part of the ship has been completely broken; to the left of it you will find the Buried Chest

Izad's treasure

  • Open up the chest and there you will find two things. The first is the shovel and the second is a sealed letter.
  • Now read the letter and you will find the clues related to Izad’s treasure chest.

Reach to the Lighthouse above Saintsport

  • Now that you have read the letter the next step is to reach the lighthouse which is located above the Sainsport. Check the image below to see the exact location.


Izad's treasure

  • The lighthouse is pretty far away so if you have a way to reach there faster use any sort of vehicle for that or simply complete the journey by running.
  • Once you reach the lighthouse make sure to enter through the front gate as in the picture below

Izad's treasure

  • You will see another gate open it and enter, the gate will lead you to the top reach near the fire bowl
  • Now on the floor, you will find a sort of small gate; open it, and you will find your next destination which is reaching the Warrior statue

Izad's treasure

Locate the Warrior

So to meet the warrior you have to move North to the lighthouse. You will find him near a warrior statue.

  • This is where a lot of people face issues as they fail to reach or find or spot the warrior.
  • Check the image below to know the exact location of the warrior; its located on the northwest¬†

Izad's treasure

  • Again the destination is far so if you have a ride use it or follow the traditional way running
  • Once you reach the warrior speak to him and then you have to reach to the Island of Iron Faces

Locate the Island of Iron Faces

Once you reach the warrior the quest will update. And you will have to go to 45 paces to the south. As soon as you cross 45 paces the quest will update and now you will have to reach the island of many faces.

  • Now the next destination to reach is the¬† Island of Iron Faces which is a quite small island in the middle of the gulf. And very close to the warrior statue. Check the image below to know the exact location.

Izad's treasure

  • Once you reach the island the quest will get updated. It will say follow the finger that points towards the stone.

Izad's treasure

Find the Stone Ship

So the above clue will want you to reach the Stone ship. From here all you need to do is to head straight. Make sure that your disguise is on.

Cross the desert area and reach the location as in the image below. Once you reach there you will have to fight some enemies.

Follow straight and soon you will reach the shore with a big rock mountain. Also here you will find the stone ship.

Izad's treasure

Now proceed to the left and then you will find the marker that says disturbed soil area. You will find the chest there.


Hopefully, you have completed understood the walkthrough guide on Izad’s treasure. Th quest is pretty easy and if you follow the clues and points you will surely finish the quest in no time.

For more walkthrough guides follow us. Thank you!


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