Passwords are very important when it comes to account login, and changing them regularly is a very good way of maintaining the protection of your account. If you are new to Discord and figuring out the process of Discord Change password, then this Discord Change Password guide can help you. If you have lost your password and are willing to reset it, then also you can use this Discord Change Password guide as we have a dedicated section explaining all the Discord Change Password steps for resetting discord passwords also.

Step On Discord Change password

How to Discord Change Password & Reset Very Easily

So in this Discord Change Password section, we will be covering all the steps and tips that you must know on Discord Change password. In this section, you will also find the Discord Change Password steps for resetting your discord password.

Steps On Discord Change password

So here in this particular section, you will get to know all the crucial Discord Change Password steps that you have to go through in order to change your Discord password. In case you are not able to log in or forgot the login credentials, then follow the Discord Change Password section just below this.

One thing that you keep in mind is that you can not change the password from the discord client. To change the password, you have to visit the official discord website, login into your account, and then change the password from your account settings. The Discord Change Password process is pretty simple and can be accomplished within a few minutes.

  • STEP 1. So it is recommended that first of all make sure to log out from your Discord account from the client
  • STEP 2. Now visit the start menu, search for the Web browser and open it
  • STEP 3. Once the browser opens up, head to the Discord official website, or click on this link to directly open the website
  • STEP 4. Once you are on the website, on the top right, click on the Login button

Discord change password

  • STEP 5. You will be redirected to the login page, where you can put your login details
  • STEP 6. After you have entered the details, you will be on the main dashboard of your account

Discord change password

  • STEP 7. At the bottom left of the dashboard, click on the gear icon to access the Account settings

Discord Password Reset

  • STEP 8. On the My Account section, click on the Edit button, you can now edit the details
  • STEP 9. Just below, you will see the link that says Change Password. Click on it

Discord Password Reset

  • STEP 10. Now enter your current password, then the new password, and finally click on the Save button to save the new password
  • STEP 11. By the end of STEP 10, your password will be changed, and now you can easily log in

Steps on Discord Reset Password

If you cannot log in or forgot your login password, then follow this Discord Change Password section. Similar to the above Discord Change Password method, this way also requires all the steps to be done on the official discord website.

Furthermore, there is one more thing that is to be noted this Discord Change Password method can also be used as an alternative to the above method. With that in mind, let’s see all the Discord Change Password steps to reset your password.

  • STEP 1. Make sure that the Discord client is not actively running; if it is, close it from the task manager
  • STEP 2. Now go to the Start menu and from there open up the Web browser
  • STEP 3. After the browser opens up, head to the official Discord website or click here to open the website directly

Discord change password

  • STEP 4. Once you are on the official website, on the top right, click on the login button
  • STEP 5. Once you are on the login page, first of all, enter your email id. Right after that, click on the link that says Forgot your password? Link

Discord change password

  • STEP 6. Within a second, you will see a pop that says instruction Sent, now open up your email id

Discord Password Reset

  • STEP 7. You will see a mail from the discord. Please open it and click on the Reset Password button
  • STEP 8. The button will take you to the discord webpage, and here you can enter your new password
  • STEP 9. After entering the password, click on the Change password button, now log in with the new password without any issues

Discord Password Reset

Steps on Discord Change Password or Reset on Android/IOS

If you currently do not have access to your PC, then you can use your mobile phone as well to reset or change your password. Follow the below Discord Change Password steps to see how to do it.

  • STEP 1. Make sure that Chrome browser is installed on your phone
  • STEP 2. Open up Chrome and open the Discord website with this link

discord change password

  • STEP 3. Once the website is opened, tap on the 3-Dot menu located at the top right of the browser
  • STEP 4. Among the list of menus, tap on the Desktop Site option

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  • STEP 5. Now you will see that the Discord website is now running in the Desktop mode
  • STEP 6. Depending upon your situation, you can follow the steps for changing or resetting the password demonstrated above


Whether you are changing your discord password or resetting it, this Discord Change Password guide has covered all the information you will need to complete the discord change password procedure. You can complete the steps either using the PC or using the mobile because the steps will be the same.

We hope that this Discord Change Password guide has helped you. For more helpful guides on games, you can always use this website. Thank you!


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