When you first start out the game, everything seems new. It’s great to discover a new game from scratch yourself. Levelling a new class, learning new abilities, levelling professions, and overall exploring the game. After a while, you get familiar with the game, and you know a thing or two.

How Do You Level Professions in TBC

Maybe you’re focused on completing as much as you can or maximizing your class performance. To get there, you certainly pick two professions to reap extra bonuses. However, it might be extra helpful to know some tips and tricks that will make your WoW professions leveling much smoother, more fun, and quick.

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The WoW TBC Profession Leveling Trick to not Get Stuck on Green Recipes.

There’s one thing that no one likes to experience while levelling anything: progress.
I’d like to introduce you to the great website that helps you find out the optimal route to level professions on your server the most optimal way: TBC.professions.gg.

Back in Classic, many people played the game “in the dark”: no one knew how to play the game. Everyone just stuck to whatever they wanted to do in the game and enjoyed it to the fullest. 

Nowadays, players that joined Classic WoW did the opposite since they’ve explored the game fully. While levelling professions, they’ve noticed that profession progression felt a little bit too slow (like levelling characters. It’s best to get your WoW TBC character boost professions both professions and your character alike will get boosted to the maximum without you even doing anything).

So, if you want to:

  • Find out the most optimal way to level your profession at a certain level range.
  • Use the best routes instead of blindly following levelling guides.

Use the website mentioned above. The tool calculates the most optimal prices and recipes for levelling at the desired level range.

Use the Verified Websites Approved by Skilled Players

The most loved website by TBC players is wow-professions. That site is much better for professional guides. You can find guides for any profession in the game and not be left alone in the dark.

Use the Verified Websites Approved by Skilled Players

“Sell Now, Buy Later”: Gold-Making Tips

Here’s a tip that some people like to follow:

  • Wait until max level to level professions

Crafting professions are expensive to level when you start out since you have to buy resources from Auction Houses practically. You could do that, but it will take a while to level: better to choose something more self-sufficient.

  • Pick double-gathering professions.

They are the most lucrative, especially if you’re just starting out with your first character. Pair Mining and Herbalism, find resources around the world and sell them in the Auction House. 

Herbalism is especially good since Alchemists constantly need herbs for their potions which sell away like hotcakes.
Mining, on the other hand, is also great: Blacksmiths and Engineers require ingots that you can craft from ores you find.
In my own experience, Skinning doesn’t bring as much money since Leatherworking (in my opinion) doesn’t have that big of a gold-making potential. You could sell gear and leather enchants, but that’s about it. 

If you want to get yourself a crafting profession, for example, Enchanting, you can wait until level 70 to farm dungeons yourself: all the greens you need will be yours. 

Professions Alt

It’s useful to have the most efficient crafting professions that give your main the most bonuses for PvE and PvP.
Levelling an alt specifically for double-gathering professions maximizes your gold income. Having a druid is substantial for the gathering: they have travel forms that allow you to harvest herbs without dismounting. Ground travel form and flying form alike. It’s cheaper for a druid to buy flying: they don’t have to learn flying first to use the mount; they simply learn the travel form.

Secondary Professions are Not on the Charts

Cooking, Fishing, and First Aid are all viable in TBC and provide great value in the end game. Don’t underestimate them! Most of the best end-game buffs will come from fish, not meat; therefore, it’s essential to level fishing and cooking: you won’t have to pay someone else to make the food.

How Do You Level Professions in TBC

The Fastest Way: WoW TBC Professions Boost

If you don’t want to bother with anything mentioned above, a WoW TBC profession boost is a great way to get all the benefits of professions without the hassle. 

You can easily get yourself into the lucrative professions without waiting until max level. Get your professional alt ready to take off to farm that gold. You don’t necessarily have to do everything yourself – get a boost instead.
Get boosted by professionals. You get gold and everything the boosters have farmed out in the process.


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