If you have been playing Pokemon for a very long time, then you must know the value of a dragon Pokemon. Dragon pokemon are invincible; they are big as a mountain, strong as a shield, and their power is immense. Having a dragon pokemon by your side not only increases your chances of winning a match drastically but is also helpful in defeating and catching other powerful pokemon types like pseudo-legendary pokemon. Our today’s How to Evolve Axew guide circles around one of the most wanted pokemon under the sword and shield title called Axew. Fraxure and Haxorus are the evolved forms of Axew and are among the most powerful pokemon in the game. If you are also wondering how to get your hand on Axew and how to evolve Axew into Fraxure and Haxorus, then stay tuned.

How to evolve axew

Catching Fraxure or Haxorus directly is very hard; you need to have an equivalent powerful pokemon on your side to defeat them, which most of us do not have. That is why a lot of users have been asking about getting their hands on Axew, as axew evolves to Fraxure and Haxorus, which are pretty rock-solid pokemon. Furthermore, this pokemon alone can defeat a mid-range pokemon in moments. However, gym leaders like Iris are not that easy to defeat. You need to have dragon-type solid pokemon to fight with him, and if you have Fraxure and Haxorus in your possession, the odds will be in your favour. So just check out this article on How to Evolve Axew.

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GUIDE: Catching & How to Evolve Axew Easily

Now that you have enough idea about the power of these pokemon, let’s get started with all the tips and the easiest way to Catch & How to evolve Axew Easily. So we will first start by getting to the location where Axew is often spawned, and then we will tell you all the information on How to Evolve Axew.

Catching Axew

Catching Axew

Since axew belongs to a dragon-type bloodline, you will not be able to find him that easily especially if you are looking at the wrong area. So, first of all, you need to be in a very specific location.

If you have been scanning and observing the map, you must have got an idea of where it can be seen. In case you do not, then see your time map and look for Axew’s Eye island. For your ease, we have indicated the location spot in the below picture.

This is the location where you can catch Axew. Also, knowing the location alone is not enough; there have to be specific weather conditions as well. Axew’s island must have normal weather conditions along with overcast, rain, and heavy fog.

To Check Weather Conditions:

Simply open up your time map and then press the Plus button on your Joycon. Now you can see the weather in all the areas on the map along with Axew’s island.

If the weather is any of the below, then you can proceed to the location.

  • Normal
  • Rainy
  • Overcast
  • Fog

In case it is none of them, then you can do a simple trick. This trick will change the weather, and hopefully, you will get the desired weather which will ultimately help you in catching Axew. So follow the steps.

  • STEP 1. Press the Home button on your Joycon
  • STEP 2. Go back to the Homescreen
  • STEP 3. Head to Settings > System > Date and Time

Date and Time

  • STEP 4. Here firstly, turn off the Synchronise Clock via the Internet

Date and Time

  • STEP 5. Now set the Date to tomorrow
  • STEP 6. Now head back to Homescreen and open the game, and toggle on the weather

In case the weather is still not the one you want, then again change the date.

Once the weather is in your favour, head to the location and keeps looking or Axew in the grass. Axew only spawns in the grass, and it could take a while, so keep looking you will surely be able to encounter him.

Evolving Axew

Catching Axew

Now that you have Axew in your team. The next thing is to evolve him to the powerful Fraxure and ultimately to Haxorus. So to clear your doubts, there are no direct ways like stones or some trick on How to Evolve Axew.

In order to evolve Axew to Fraxure, you require a level of  38. And then, to evolve Haxorus, you need to have a level of 48.

Increasing the level is not hard; you just need to use them in combats more frequently, and soon, you will be able to reach the level.


In the above article on Catching and How to evolve axew, we have tried to cover each and every important piece of information. 

We hope that all your queries have been answered; for more guides and tips on games or like this How to Evolve Axew article, follow us. Thank you!


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