If you have been playing fallout, I am sure that you must have been completely confused by the constant indication or hints about is Kasumi a synth. At some point, you feel like she is a synth, and the next moment you are wondering, no, she can’t be a synth. This Is Kasumi a Synth question pretty much motivates you to play the game and uncover each aspect of the game. The question has been asked and popped out multiple times, but it was never answered directly. Far Harbor’s biggest mystery is going to be revealed today. I have managed to solve the mystery, although it was not that hard or easy. I am going to tell the actual truth behind Kasumi’s true reality. 

Is Kasumi a synth?

About Fallout 4

Welcome yourself to the post-apocalyptic version of Boston. The place usually known for great historical significance and academic prestige is turned into ruins, abandoned, and shattered buildings. Not only this; when you start the game, you face bloodthirsty mutants, a chemically poisoned environment, and pretty much death everywhere.

Is Kasumi a synth?

As you start your journey, you find yourself discovering sanctuaries, unraveling mysteries, and enjoying this messed-up environment. Due to radiation, lack of ammo, and mutants everywhere, you get addicted to using drugs to increase your power. The range of weapons is pretty satisfying, and soon, you will find yourself discovering new weapons. If I compare it to Fallout 3, there is not much of that improvement. But as you play the game, you forget its flaws and get immersed in the storyline.

Truth Unraveled of Is Kasumi a Synth or Not?

I know you have waited too long for this Is Kasumi a Synth, so let’s find out if is Kasumi a synth from the beginning. The story starts from the Nakano residence. After investing in Kasumi’s parents and the other area of the house, there was nothing helpful to be found. In fact, most of her recordings do not give any crucial information. 

Is Kasumi a synth?

But as the investigation goes on, it leads to the last recording, which is located a the boathouse of Nakano’s residence. It was hidden away in the safe, and this recording has a piece of really crucial information. She talks about the Synths and ultimately questions whether she is a synth. So to uncover the truth, the journey took me to the Far harbor where Kasumi is expected to be found.

Is Kasumi a synth?

So I take the boat and proceed to the far harbor. As soon as you reach there, you get a small mission to protect the Residence of the far harbor from the unknown creatures called gophers and anglers.

After successfully defending them, the journey takes you to the Synth refuge called Acadia, and you meet DIMA. Dima is very good at convincing anyone of a synth; he is pretty much convinced that I am also a synth. Through his talks, he must have convinced Kasumi as well that she is a synth too. However, the chat with Dima does not reveal the truth.

Is Kasumi a synth?

So I try a different way, and if you have been playing the game, you must be aware that every time you hit a synth, you find a component inside them. So after wandering and running around, I was finally able to find Kasumi. At first, I went straight on shooting her, but it was not that easy, and in fact, nothing happened.

Is Kasumi a synth?

So I decided to destroy Acadia, including Kasumi, with the help of the brotherhood. After constant rampaging and pretty much killing all the synths, I looked for the synth component. And finally, I reached the place where Kasumi was there. I found that there was no synth component inside Kasumi. So the answer to your question is No, Kasumi is not a synth.


Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC surely comes with lots of fun and mysteries. In this particular Is Kasumi a Synth article, I have tried to give you a walkthrough of how I managed to reveal the truth behind Is Kasumi a synth?

Hopefully, by now, you have got your answer too. For more exciting guides like this Is Kasumi a Synth, follow us. Thank you!


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