If you take a close look at all the Fallout 4’s DLC, you will find that all of the DLC’s are nothing but a simple addon. There is nothing as exciting in the DLC’s where you just take a simple quest to build either robots or capture wasteland creatures. However, the Far Harbor DLC is special. It is unique, and according to me, it is one of the best and biggest DLC in Fallout 4. In this article, I am going to cover all the exciting information about Far Harbor. I will try to cover all your queries like How to start far Harbor? How do you get started with this new venture? How to get going and make yourself through the environment? This article pretty much covers everything.

How to start far Harbor

With the Far Harbor DLC, you get to explore and venture into an entirely new area. Along with this new environment, you also face new enemies and allies to fight with. 

Before you get started venturing the Far Harbor DLC, there are some conditions that you need to be in your favor. 

  • First of all, make sure that you have visited Diamond City and rescued Nick Valentine. The Far Harbor DLC is presented as a case with his detective agency.
  • Some of the users have claimed that you must have reached a level of at least 15-25 before starting the Far Harbor DLC.

Walkthrough: How to Start Far Harbor

Once you are sure that the conditions mentioned above are met, well, you can get started and begin your journey on How to start far harbor DLC. 

Nick Valentine

First of all, listen to Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio. You can do this by clicking on the radio tab, then listening to the message left by Valentine’s assistant, Ellie.

Now head to Diamond City and talk to Ellie and get all the remaining information regarding the new case. Once the conversation is finished with Ellie, you will need to head to the Nakano Residence.

Diamond City

Once you reach the Nakano Residence get inside the building and talk to Mr. Nakano. He will give the rest of the details of the quest. This is where the actual quest is started after Investigating the Nakano Residence. Here you have to gather all the Holotape in residence.

Nakano Residence

For your ease, we have given you all the locations of Holotapes.

  • To get your hands on the first Holotape, head to the living room
  • You can easily get the second holotape in the kitchen
  • The third Holotape can be collected in the upstairs hall near the dresser
  • Now head to the Kasumi’s room to get the Fourth holotape
  • The final holotape is a bit tricky; the location of the holotape is in the Boathouse Safe. However, you must need a key to unlock the boathouse. The key can be collected photo frame with the lighthouse image.

Nakano Residence

After gathering all the Holotapes, you have to listen to them, and you will learn that Kasumi has run off to Far Harbor to search for a group called Synths. You have to speak to  Mr. Nakano so that you can gain access to his boat. Once you get the permission, take the boat to the Far Harbor. 

With the help of the boat, you will arrive at your long-awaited destination Far Harbor. Here your quest to reach Far harbor is finished.

Now you will get a new quest. Now head to Captain Avery to continue the remaining quest. From here, you will experience the true excitement of the Far Harbor DLC. Here you will face new enemies, and you will uncover new secrets, meet allies scattered across the Far Harbor island. 


Hopefully, after reading the guide, all your queries on how to start Far Harbor DLC has been cleared out. We have tried to cover each and every aspect that leads to the Far harbor.

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