Microsoft Jewel 2 is a new version of Microsoft Jewel- the Microsoft hit game. Let’s go further deep into this article to learn more about the game.

Microsoft Jewel 2

Microsoft Jewel 2 (also known as Microsoft Jewel New or Microsoft Jewel), comes under the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This version brings more features for the players, and claims to give a better and more grand experience than before.

As we move ahead, we’ll learn about the features, upgrades and overall experience of the game.

Microsoft Jewel 2


Microsoft Jewel 2 is your classic Match-3 game, but make it more sparkly and fun! Make combinations, get bonus jewels, and gain massive points.

This new version of the game brings new bonus modes, more challenges so you reach a higher score, and an option to make larger matches and earn so much more points. In fact, in this version, after you make a move in the challenge mode, gems will not fall to cover the board on the screen- hence, making it more fun. There are many new jewels that have not been seen before as well.


Microsoft Jewel 2 consists of 4 types of gems. These are:

  • Basic Jewels
  • Power-up Jewels
  • Rocks
  • Bonus Jewels

Each jewel serves a particular purpose. Let’s see each jewel’s purpose.

1. Basic Jewels

Microsoft Jewel 2

Remember the jewels in Microsoft Jewel? Well, these are the same gems. When you match 3 jewels, you progress. By matching more than 3, you can create power-up jewels.

Diamonds are the highest form of basic jewels, as they score you the maximum points.

Microsoft Jewel 2

They are worth 150x more points. You will find diamonds in higher levels.

2. Power-up Jewels

Microsoft Jewel 2

These jewels are jewels with special abilities. They can clear the board on your screen faster, and help you progress easily. There are 3 types of power-up jewels:

  • Bomb Jewels: These jewels are created when you combine 4 basic jewels in a row. In order to explode it, match the bomb jewel with two jewels of the same color as the bomb. It will explode and remove all the jewels surrounding it.
  • Line Clear Jewels: You can create line clear jewels by making a T or an L shape with the same colored jewels. When you match it with 2 or more jewels of the same color, it clears a horizontal and vertical line of jewels from the board.
  • Power Jewel: This ultimate power-up jewel is made when you match 5 jewels of the same color on the board. This power-up jewel, when combined with 1 jewel of any color, will clear the jewels of the same color from the board. If you combine 2 power jewels, it clears out the entire board, and if you combine it with a rock, it will remove all the rocks from the board.

3. Rocks

Microsoft Jewel 2

Rocks are, you can say, the villain of this game. They fall on the board and prevent you from making matches, hence barring the progress. They don’t even match with each other like other jewels do, so you have to use a power-up to clear them from the board.

4. Bonus Jewels


Bonus Jewels are earned. To earn them, you have to complete challenges, that are present on the left side of the screen. Each challenge calls out to match a certain number of jewels, and upon completion, you are rewarded with a bonus jewel that can be used as and when you please.

You can replace other jewels on the board with bonus jewels at any time. All you have to do is drag the bonus jewel to the board. If you fill the Bonus Jewels box completely, new jewels will not be added to it even when you complete the challenges.

Challenge Mode

Microsoft Jewel 2

A new addition in Microsoft Jewel 2, you enter the Challenge Mode once the board is settled and the level meter is filled. In this mode, once the board clears with ever move, new jewels will not fall in to fill the board. You will see points on the space cleared. Once you complete the challenge mode, these points are rewarded to you.

Bonus Mode

Microsoft Jewel 2

Once the Challenge Mode is completed, you enter the Bonus Mode. Upon matching jewels and bonus jewels, you are rewarded with extra points, or you are taken to the next level.

The Challenge Meter will show “Next Level” button. When clicked on, this will happen:

  • The points on the board will all be totaled and multiplied by the Multi-Meter value at that time
  • New jewels will drop in to fill the board
  • You will be moved to the next level


Microsoft Jewel 2 is the upgraded version of Microsoft Jewel. It can be played on Microsoft Solitaire Collection on Windows. In this version, players have much more features to look forward to. More basic jewels are added which have never been seen before, power-up jewels and bonus jewels are also added.

Challenge Mode and Bonus Mode are also introduced in Microsoft Jewel 2. So, all in all, this game has more upgradations, and is surely a sparkly twist to the original Microsoft Jewel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Microsoft Jewel 2?

Microsoft Jewel 2 is the new version of Microsoft Jewel- a part of Microsoft Solitaire Collection. This is a Match-3 game, and upon matching 3 or more jewels of the same color, you make progress and unlock challenges.

2. How do you beat Microsoft Jewel 2?

You beat levels in Microsoft Jewel 2 by clearing the board and completing the challenges given. You can use power-up jewels, bonus jewels and basic jewels to make progress and reach the next level.

3. Is Microsoft Jewel free?

Yes, Microsoft Jewel 2 is free to play! You can download it for free on your device, and play it on the website as well.

4. How to play Microsoft Jewel on PC?

You can download Microsoft Jewel 2 on PC, or simply play on the website!


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