If you have been playing Risk of Rain lately, you must know the importance of Lunar Coins. For those who do not know, lunar coins are precious. Consider them like the game currency. You can access powerful things, buy, unlock skills and features, etc. Usually, getting hands-on with these lunar coins requires some hard work. But there is a way out without having to do anything. It is a cheat in which you will tweak changes in the game files, ultimately giving you access to lots of lunar coins. Now let us proceed to the risk of rain 2 lunar coins cheat. We have also covered the cheat for unlocking Characters, Abilities, and Items.

risk of rain 2 lunar coins cheat

Steps to Activate Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat

To activate the risk of rain 2 lunar coins cheat, you must follow some steps. We will manually head to the game installation folder. Once we reach there, we will have to add some Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat to activate the lunar coins cheat. Make sure to follow each step carefully; otherwise, the cheat will not be activated.

  • STEP 1. First of all, close the game entirely and steam as well
  • STEP 2. Just to make sure, open up the Task Manager and check in the Process tab, if any process is running related to steam or the game
  • STEP 3. Once you are entirely sure, open up My Computer
  • STEP 4. Now follow the below path
 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata
  • STEP 5. Once you are in the userdata folder, follow the below path to locate the folder called 632360 (this is the Risk of Rain 2 folder)
  • STEP 6. Now go to Remote folder > UserProfiles Folder
  • STEP 7. Once you reach the UserProfiles folder, locate the XML file

risk of rain 2 lunar coins cheat

  • STEP 8. Now right-click on it and open it with Notepad
  • STEP 9. In the beginning, usually 4 lines down, you will see <coin>11</coin>; the number might differ

Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat

  • STEP 10. In case you are not able to find the Press Ctrl+F and type coin and hit Find Next
  • STEP 11. Once you find the line. Put your desired value.

For example, <coin>11</coin> will give you 11 Lunar Coins. If you replace 20 with 50, you will get 50 lunar coins.

  • STEP 12. Once you have put the value, save the file 
  • STEP 13. Now start the game, and you will find that you have the coins that you have wanted

Steps to Unlock Risk of Rain 2 Characters, Abilities & Items

In case you want more than just the Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat. With the below steps, you can easily unlock Characters, Abilities, and Items.

  • STEP 1. Make sure that you have closed the game completely. Also, the Steam client
  • STEP 2. Now head to My Computer > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata
  • STEP 3. Once you are in the userdata folder. Go to 632360 Folder > Remote folder > UserProfiles Folder
  • STEP 4. Now locate the .xml file, then right-click and open it in Notepad
  • STEP 5. Once the file is opened, Press Ctrl+F and put <achievementsList> in the search bar
  • STEP 6.To unlock everything replace the text between <achievementsList> and </achievementsList>
  • STEP 7. Finally, save the changes and start the game;
  • STEP 8. Once you start the game, you will find that everything is unlocked; now, you can enjoy the game at best.


The above guide has gone through all the steps required for activating the Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat. Furthermore, we have also shown you the steps to unlock all the characters, abilities, and items of risk in the rain 2.

We hope that by following this Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat guide. Your query has been resolved. For more guides like this, follow us; thank you!


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