Rust is filled with some hidden achievements. Discovering hidden achievements is itself very hard and sometimes you just finish the game and realize that there is a territory you never discovered. It is kind of a disappointment right!. Well, the same goes for Rust, there a lot of players including me that almost missed or never discovered some of the achievements. Some of you might do not even know these. So in this guide, I will like you to share all the seven Rust Hidden Achievements that are hidden beneath its gameplay and make this game experience much better.

rust hidden achievements

How Many Rust Hidden Achievements Are There?

There are a total of 7 hidden achievements out of 58 achievements in the Rust.


While some of the users have accidentally stepped on the achievements some just never discovered a single. 

These hidden achievements are really very hard to figure out and I am sure when you go over these you will be amazed how are they unlocked. So as I said earlier there are a total of seven hidden achievements namely.

  • Glutton
  • Sealbreaker
  • Save the Planet 
  • Giddy Up!
  • On the Deck 
  • I’m the Captain Now
  • Something of a Scientist Myself

How to Get Your Hands on All 7 Rust Hidden Achievements

So now let’s cover the most interesting part of the article.

1. Glutton: Fill your Food Bar Complete

So the first Rust Hidden Achievements is Glutton. Most of the players discovered this accidentally just to make sure that there they do not have to eat food while gameplaying further or as a care factor.

So the easiest way to get your hands on this achievement is, get over to the nearest river. Once you reach collect or gather as many pumpkins as you can also eat corn until your health bar is completely filled.

rust hidden achievements

2. Sealbreaker: Completely Fill your Hydration Bar

While you are at the moment of completing the Glutton achievements you also get your hand son Sealbreaker. While you are on the riverside simply hydrate yourself to the fullest and you will be able to get the Sealbreaker Achievements. This is a two-for-one deal you’ll be able to flex two Rust Hidden Achievements in one go.


3. Giddy Up!: Ride a Horse for 1 KM

Again an accidentally discovered achievement. One of the easiest and pretty straightforward to achieve. Get over to the nearest forest or just locate a horse as the game is filled with it. Once you find the horse just ride for 1 Kilometer and you are done!. Rust Hidden Achievements is yours.

rust hidden achievements

4. On the Deck: Land a Mini Copter on an Oil Rig Helipad

On the deck is rather hard and requires practice to achieve. As you have to find a mini copter first and it gets a little harder if you are not using the server commands. In that case, you have to find scour the map and then spawn the helicopter. Furthermore, you also require an oil rig. Finally, you have to land the mini copter on the helipad. It may sound very hard but once you get into this you can win this Rust Hidden Achievements.

rust hidden achievements

5. I’m the Captain Now: Reach the Bridge of the Cargo Ship

While a large majority of the players get their hands on this achievement for the insane loot you get. But all in all, it is not that hard for an average player to get over to a different server and take a cargo ship. Yes! You have to fight against enemies but still, I’m the Captain now achievements add a lot of weight to your Rust Hidden Achievements list.


6. Killing 5 Scientists

As the name itself tell you all about this achievement this is also very easy to grab. Now the fun part is that these Rust Hidden Achievements can be gained on your way to the I’m the Captain Now achievement. The task is simple all you have to do is kill five scientists and you’ll easily get this

while trying to get on the deck of the cargo ship. Players have accidentally stepped on to this achievement as they kill scientists formed syringes, metal tools, and getting keys.

crafting menu

7. Save the Planet: Recycle an Empty can at a Recycler

If you would ask me that which one is the most hidden achievement out of all 7. The answer would easily be to save the planet. In order to get this Rust Hidden Achievements, you have to recycle an empty can to a recycler, very uncommon and by no means you can actually get this accidentally right!. But at the same time very easy to get. You just have to find a food crate with tuna or a can in it and recycle it.

rust hidden achievements


In the above article, we have gone over all seven Rust Hidden Achievements. We have covered all the required and important information regarding each achievement.

We hope that you have got some knowledge from the Rust Hidden Achievements article. Thank you!


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