RPG games are known for their customization as far as other genres are considered. In RPGs, you get to design your character as per your likings. The same goes for the Outer world, it is an RPG game that gives you the full freedom to mold your character as per your likings and fantasies right when out start your journey in the game. I am quite sure this character crafting part is surely some of the interesting and time taking part right before you even play the game. However, there is one question that has been bugging our lots of gamers. The question is, is it possible to change the Outer Worlds Change Appearance later in the game?. If you are also here for the answer to the same question then follow this guide.

outer worlds change appearance

The Outer Worlds Change Appearance: Is it Possible?

Well to be honest! No.

You can pretty much control each aspect of a character including gender, hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, and countless other customization at the beginning of the game. After you have finalized the Outer Worlds Change Appearance and started the game there is no way you can make changes in the game.

outer worlds change appearance

I know it sounds a bit sad. But there is good news, you might not be able to change your character completely, there is still some outer change that you can do. For example, you can change the Outfits, Armors colors, Helmets. Surely the outer changes won’t affect your general looks but something is better than nothing.

Furthermore, the game is based on a first-person perspective. So you will not be able to see your character anyway. All the time you will be covered in the armor and helmet and there is no way you can even tell whether the Outer Worlds Change Appearance is male or female. So it is suggested that you design your character the best to your likings at the beginning. After all, it is just a game and there are tons of other things to enjoy in the game rather than worrying about your character’s looks.

How Can I Change Outfits & Armors?

So as I said earlier there are some little things that you can change in the Outer Worlds Change Appearance. Outfits and Armors are among those things. There are multiple armor sets you can pick up on your way through the Halcyon system.

You can pick armor sets while Both things can be obtained by doing some obvious things like earning, achievements, looting, etc.

  • You can get new armor by purchasing from sellers and looting them from enemies.
  • To enable the changes Go to the Character menu >  Inventory tab > Equip the pieces of gear.

outer worlds change appearance


The above article talks about a common issue faced by the user regarding the Outer Worlds Change Appearance. We have given you all the important information regarding the confusion.

We hope that the Outer Worlds Change Appearance guide provides you all the information and clears out all the confusion. For more articles on games follow us. Thank you!


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