Assassin’s creed odyssey is a game that is driven through the story, and the stories are driven by the decisions you make. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a pretty big game and you will come across a lot of decisions. Some of them will be complex and hard while some are very easy. If you have decided to finish the game with the best possible ending then you have to make the right decisions. In this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Choices Guide we have all the major choices and their consequences so that you can decide how to proceed with the game.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Choices Guide

1. The Blood Fever Quest

Even though the blood fever is a side quest in the Odyssey, this side quest can affect your ending and future in the game. So this quest is all about the population of Kefalonia. The area is under a disease called blood fever. Now you are left with two choices in the game. The first is to let the villagers leave the area or stop them from leaving the area.

Blood Fever Quest

Choice A: Let the Villagers Escape Area

If you let the villagers escape with the disease, surely it will spread and result in infecting the population outside the area which later on can affect the entire country. All the people will be under sickness and disease and death. 

Choice B: Prevent Villagers From Escaping the Area

If you choose to stop the villagers from escaping it will be a wise choice; doing this will protect the population of the entire country from being infected Furthermore this choice will lead you to the best ending.

2. The Duris’s debt (Debt Collector)

The next decision that can potentially affect the good ending of the game is Duris’s debt. So the scenario is Duris took debt from a merchant which he fails to pay. Now you are charged to make him pay the debt. Again there are two choices: either you threaten him to pay the debt or forgive him.

The Duris’s debt

Choice A: Threaten or Kill Duris

The first choice is obviously the violence. You will threaten him; break some vases in his house and he will return the debt.

Choice B: Forgive Him and Spare the Debt

The second choice is all about the kindness you show him. Duris will kneel down and beg you for his life and you will argue with the merchant that the double amount is too much. Also, spare the debt. As in the return for the help and kindness, Duris will give a rare and good sword as a gift.

3. To Kill Monger or Spare His Life

The next on the list is whether to Kill Monger or Spare His Life. Both the consequences are gonna please a certain someone. If you will kill Monger it will please Anthousa. However, if you take the matter secretly and spare his life it will please Brasida. Obviously, you can not please both. However, consequences are of importance here.

The Duris’s debt

Choice A: Kill Monger 

If you decide to take the life of the monger then surely it will please Anthousa. And you will not gain something important here.

Choice B: Spare his LIfe

However, if you take the matter secretly and decide to spare his life then there are three benefits that you will gain. Firstly you please Barsida. Secondly, you will gain the trust of Monger and in return, he will give you some crucial information about the king which will help you a lot in the game in the future. Lastly, a step closer to the best and good ending.

4. Spare Nikolaos or Kill Him?

This is one the major decisions that will shape your journey and the final ending of the game is whether to Spare your father (Nikolaos) or Kill Him?. You will get this choice at the end of chapter 2 called The Wolf of Sparta. Let’s see what will be the result of both the consequences.

Spare Nikolaos or Kill Him

Choice A: Killing Nikolaus

So if out of rage and anger you decide to kill Nikolaus, just know that you will lose all your chances to meet him further in the game. This will result in losing some additional quests including the best ending furthermore you in the future you will also have to kill Nikolaus’s right-hand man Stentor as well. However, the only benefit you will get here is you get a sword and a mediocre spear

Choice B: Sparing Nikolaus

If you decide to let Nikolaus live and keep your anger in control well it will benefit you a lot. As he plays a key role later in the game. Firstly you will be able to get your hands on some unique quests. Secondly and majorly you will not lose the best ending of the game.

5. Ashes to Ashes (Whether to Save the baby or not?)

Once you are inside the temple you will see Chrysis holding a baby in her hands. There will be a short conversation between you and her and then she will set the temple on fire. Here you will have to choose among the two outcomes. You can either save the baby and let Chrysis live for a while or go after Chrysis which results at the end of life for the baby. Both the outcomes have something in return.

Ashes to Ashes

Choice A: Save the baby and let Chrysis live 

If you make the decision to save the baby, Chrysis will also live for a while. This outcome will open up a new quest for you called Death Comes to Us All. Ultimately this quest will end with the death of Chrysis.

Choice B: Go after Chrysis and let the baby die

In case you take the decision to go after Chrysis, surely you will kill the Chrysis but the baby will also die. The outcome will be that you will get your hands on Legendary Gauntlets of the immortal.

6. Whether to Kill Stentor or not?

As you progress in the game there will be a time when you will be given a chance to kill the stentor or not. But it can affect your happy ending.

Kill Stentor or not

Choice A: Kill the Stentor

So the one outcome that you can choose is to kill the Stentor which will instantly give you a cultist clue. 

Choice B: Let him go

However in case you decide to let him go this time however further in the game you will get a chance again to kill him.

7. Choices of the small Odyssey

So here you have to take everything with a little more attention. When it comes to small odyssey you will be making a couple of choices. These choices may make her either mad at you or make her happy.

small Odyssey

Choice A: Ask small odyssey to grow up

You will ask small odyssey to grow up, encourage her to be an Odysseus. Also, you can call her cute.

Choice B: Encourage small odyssey to be great

Encourage small odyssey to be great. Say that being great is not easy or say that you do not give advice.

So the above choice will result in the following things. Firstly she will not like that you call her cute. Calling her ugly will surely result in great anger towards you.

Also telling her to grow up will also make her mad.

Encouraging her to be odyssey will show her that you care for her. However, if you try to give a lecture on being great she will probably not like it.

If you still persist in telling her what it means to be great and that it’s not that easy. She will leave the conversation for now and chances are that you will continue to converse with her later.

However, if you simply say that you do not give advice she will surely get mad at you and leave you.

8. The Cyclops thugs

In this particular scenario, your house will be attacked by the Cyclops thugs. You will have two conditions here. Depending upon the condition you choose you can move on with the game.

Cyclops thugs

Choice A: Kill the Cyclops thugs

If you decide to kill them all there will be no one to report back to cyclops and there won’t be any consequences.

Choice B: Let the Cyclops thugs live

However, if you decide to leave them then on your way you will later be ambushed by the two allies of cyclops. Here you will be able to gather some exp and loot.

9. Pythia interrogation

In this chapter, you will meet Pythia when Alexios captures her. Here you will have you chance to interrogate her for the information that you need. The choice here is either you can threaten her or request her for the information you need.

Pythia interrogation

Choice A: Threaten Her

If you decide to threaten you might be able to get the information. But you will put yourself in danger because she will tell everything to Apollo and he may harm you in the future in the game.

Choice B: Request Her

However, if you decide to ask her more firmly you can get the information easily also she will ask Apollo to protect you also.

10. Escape from the Athens

If you wish to talk to Phidias then you have to go through a lot of decisions. Below choices will make sure that your meet with Phidias becomes sure.

Escape from the Athens

Choice A: Claim that a friend has sent you

In this approach, you can tell the guards that you came on orders of Perikles which is the friend of Phidias. You can also try to fight through but surely it will result in a lot of blood.

Choice B: Claim that you love Phidias

The second available choice is to tell the guards that you are his lover which is surely shocking for the guards.

Choice C: Pay the guard some money

If you go to the guards and directly say that Phidias is your friend you will have to pay some money to the guards only then they will allow you in.

11. Citizenship test

You will face these when you have a witness along with you. So here you have to make the right decision. Here you need to keep in mind that surely the first two choices are pretty easy but the last choice is what decides your game ending.

Citizenship test

Choice 1: Beat Him and Force him to reveal information

If you choose the hard way you have to beat him down badly. He will try to escape but makes sure that you use only your fists to beat him otherwise he may die.

Choice 2: Pay him for the information

This choice is pretty simple as you have to pay him and he will give you the information you are looking for.

Choice 3: Directly say Sophanes does not deserve citizenship

If you decide to go with this choice you will still get rewarded.

12. The Swordfish

Unlike all the other choices above this particular one, is comes through a side quest in Messara. The point of making the right decision here is to get the required information. However, before getting the information you will have the choice whether to take him down or claim yourself to be Deimos.

The Swordfish

Choice 1: Tell him that you are not a cultist

Due to the labyrinth, Swordfish is no longer in his right mind. So it does not actually matter whether you say that you are from the cultist or not, the information will be yours. You can then finish him off.

Choice 2: Claim that you are Deimos

Since Swordfish wants to leave the cult and whether you claim to be the Deimos he will give you the information. After that, you can kill him.

13. Minotaur choice

You will face Minotaur the mythical beast and after you have defeated him. You will lie to the kid about his here you have to be sure to make the right decision to ultimately get a happy ending.

Minotaur choice

Choice 1: Tell boy that his father is dead

Surely a tough choice but if you choose this he will get sad but also move with his life and forget his father.

Choice 2: Tell boy his father could not be found

If you make this choice then surely it will not stop the boy to look for his father. But he will also realize that his father might not be alive.

Choice 3: You can tell him that there you can do anything

If you say to him that you can not do anything, he will still be thankful for your help

Choice 4: Show the boy that you found his father’s ring

If you show the boy his father’s ring, he will not forget his father and be thankful to you. If you want the best ending this choice is the one you must make.

14. Athens last hope

Keep in mind that this is a story mission so it better not leave it.

Athens last hope

Choice 1: Say that you are the reason Phoibe is dead

You can make this decision however and express yourself but you will still blame Aspasia for the consequences. She will then tell you that Phoibe has taken the decision without her consent.

Choice 2: You can say that the cult killed Phoibe

You can say that the cult killed Phoibe, and it will make Aspasia sad. But still, it will not her too sad and she will get back to her pending matters.


In the above guide, we have tried to give all Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Choices that you will across during the game.

Hopefully, this will help you in getting a good ending to the game. Thank you!


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