Kentucky Derby 2019 will always be remembered as one of the most controversial races in the history of Kentucky Derby. A large number of spectators were in shock. Reporters and the media gathered when the final winner announced. With around 20 minutes of in-depth reviewing and examination, the final winner was announced. Today in this article on who won Kentucky Derby, we will be telling you all the story that went on the ground. And who was the final winner of the Kentucky Derby 2019?

Who Won Kentucky Derby

(Answer) Who Won Kentucky Derby: Results & Much More

Kentucky Derby 2019 has been controversial, exciting, and fun. Maximum Security, being the first to cross the winning line, was not announced as the final winner. Instead, Country House was chosen to be the winner of Kentucky Derby 2019. In the history of Kentucky Derby, this was something different it hasn’t happened before. Official and Stewards of the Kentucky Derby went according to the rules and regulations. After 20 minutes of footage reviewing and examining the final result announced. But the final result was not in favor of Maximum Security.

Country House

What Happened?

Kentucky Derby, unlike other horse races, is a famous and traditional American Sporting Event. Kentucky Derby takes place every year in May’s first Saturday. For the first time, a winner has been disbarred due to an in-game foul. Maximum Security has been drifted to the lane of War of Will, and this resulted in the course of other horses to change. More than $6 million has been put on Maximum Security to win. Kentucky Derby, Being famous all over the world. The final result was very important, and the final result has to be accurate and correct.


Even Jockey’s of Country House and Long Range Toddy has raised their objection against maximum security. It has been found out that due to maximum security’s drifting affected the course of seven other horses. This impacted their running and overall progress. It also raises the issue of safety as well. When Maximum Security drifted from his lane to the War of Will lane, it puts the rider of the War of will in a dangerous position. However, it has not been found out why maximum security drifted from his lane.


It can be due to the noise of the crowd or track although Rider of War of Will has confirmed that Maximum Security’s hind leg hit him. But somehow he manages to maintain the balance. If it happened, it could have resulted in the chain reaction. In which most of the other horses have been tangled up. And in the worst case, someone would have died. And thus Final result of the Kentucky Derby resulted in the drop of Maximum Security’s Position to 17th.


Final Verdict:

With this being the end of the article on Who Won Kentucky Derby. We can say that Country House is the winner for the Kentucky Derby 2019. Luckily there were no accidents. And everything went well. The important thing is fun and enjoyment. Sporting events are for having a good time, enjoying the game, drinking, and eating food. Winning and losing should not be that important. Being famous all over the Kentucky derby surely is an important sporting event. And that’s the main reason why it is surrounded by controversy. As still, a few people are in favor of Maximum Security. But it will always be remembered.

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