For the gamers who prefer action, fighting, and shooting Destiny 2 is like a paradise. The game has a rich collection of weaponry and features traditional as well as the latest weapons. Some of the famous weapon types are swords, combat bows, rifles, shotguns, pistols, handguns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, machine guns. However, there are some weapons which very rare to get. I am talking about the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst. I am sure you must have heard about this weapon if you follow destiny 2. This particular weapon is very famous among the destiny 2 community and if you are also wondering how can you get your hands on it then you are in the right place. In this Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst article, we will cover all the important information regarding this weapon.

Everything You Need to Know About Huckleberry Catalyst

What is Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst?

For those who have just started playing Destiny 2, well, Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst farm is one of the rarest items of the game. Huckleberry and Catalyst are actually two different things when they are combined then the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst farm is formed. 

Huckleberry is an exotic item in the game, while the catalyst is like an addon to the weapon. When the catalyst is attached to the weapon it unlocks the actual power of the weapon. If I talk in numbers the power becomes at least four to five times the actual power of the weapon. Plus it unlocks some other perks as well.

Everything You Need to Know About Huckleberry Catalyst

Along with the catalyst when you kill the enemies the weapon generates orbs. Furthermore, it also displays the number of enemies you have killed. The weapon also upgrades as your kills increase when the weapon is upgraded to the masterwork it also gains bonuses.

How to Get Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst

Such an immense power makes this weapon special and thus very hard to get. There is no easy way to get your hands on this particular weapon. However, if you have this weapon it certainly adds some weight to your achievements.

The main thing here is getting the weapon without wandering too much here and there and by spending the minimum efforts. Below we have managed to put together all the important points that you must keep in mind. If you follow these points carefully surely you will get the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst drop as soon as possible.

Everything You Need to Know About Huckleberry Catalyst

Complete the Heroic Adventures on Mars & Mercury

One of the crucial things that you must know is that there is no other way to get the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst shadowkeep until you complete the heroic adventures on Mars and Mercury.

The second thing is that you need to constantly grind all the missions for some time. In case you have three guardians by your side. Then simply complete the heroic adventure once a day.

I know it looks like a lot of hard work and in fact, it is, however you can make it more fun by playing with your friends. That is complete the heroic adventures by teaming up with your friends. This will make the gaming more fun plus it will also reduce the time which takes a lot when you play single.

  • Mandatory to complete the Heroic Adventure
  • Repeat the missions to get the drop
  • To make the missions more exciting team up with your friends

Activating Catalyst & More Perks

Once the catalyst is dropped, you need to activate it as well. There is no use of the catalyst if you can not activate it. In order to activate the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst shadowkeep, you need to complete at least 500 kills. Once the 500 kills are completed you can simply activate the catalyst and use it.

As the kill counts will increase you will also get your hands on different perks of the weapons like Ambitious Assassin and more.

  • Complete 500 Kills to get Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst drop rate
  • An increase in kills will unlock perks of the weapons

Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst is one of the most talked-about weapons, obviously, it is very hard to get and if you do not follow the right path it might take more time. The article talks deeply about all the points that you need to about getting the Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst d2. Furthermore, the article also talks about its benefits and how to unlock other perks of this weapon.

I hope that you got some knowledge from this Destiny 2 Huckleberry Catalyst article. Thank you!


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