According to an independent online website, there are around 48% of gamers do their gaming on PC. If you see the share, it is approximately half of all the gamers. That is why the majority of games always release games on the PC platform. Keeping that in mind today, we are going through a famous PC game called Dark Souls 3. Today’s guide specifically talks about the Dark souls 3 pc controls. Dark Souls 3 can easily be played with a gamepad or the traditional style keyboard and mouse. We are getting a lot of requests regarding the PC controls of Dark Souls 3. And finally, in this guide, we have put together all the important functions of the keys and mouse. We hope it will be helpful in memorizing the controls, and ultimately, you can have a better experience in gameplay.

Complete List Of Dark Souls 3 PC Controls

About Dark Souls 3

The dark souls series has been around us for a very long time. The first installment of the game was released back in 2011. And since then, it has been continuously getting better and more fantastic. Dark Souls 3 was initially launched in 2016. The game was an instant hit and got a 9.5 rating on steam and all other review websites.

Complete List Of Dark Souls 3 PC Controls

Talking of the gameplay, it is a role-playing action game; the game can is played from a third-person perspective. You play the role of the undead warrior called unkindled. The game is set in a fictional demonic world. Dark Souls III combines story elements from its previous installments this time also, the main story revolves around the fading of fire and how it is affecting the world. Your aim is to venture out and retrieve the souls of the Lords. The game easily manages to give you an immersive experience with plenty of beautiful macabre, fantasy settings, and breathtaking visuals. 

Complete List Of Dark Souls 3 PC Controls

Lists of All the Dark Souls 3 PC Controls

By now, you must have got an idea of the game and its setting. The game is surely stunning, and if you have not tried it yet well, you are missing something great and moving on to our today’s main thing of the game, Dark Souls 3 PC Controls. Similar to any other game, the controls are pretty easy to understand and memorize. Below we have given you all the controls that you must know.

Keys & CombinationFunction
QTarget lock
EInteraction/pick up
Arrow UpSwitch Spells
Arrow Down Switch Quick Item
Arrow LeftChange Left Hand
Arrow RightChange Right Hand
Mouse Left ClickAttack (Right Hand)
Mouse Right Click Attack (Left Hand)
Mouse Left Click + ShiftStrong Attack (Right Hand)
Mouse Right Click + ShiftStrong Attack (Left Hand)
Left ctrlparry/weapon arts
shift + left clickStrong attack
W + SHIFT + left mouse buttonjump attack
W + left mouse buttonkick
right-click block
ESC menu
Hold left Altsneak/walk
QCamera reset / Lock-on
RUse item
FTwo-Handed Hold


By now, you have the entire List Of Dark Souls 3 PC Controls. Use the controls, and as you proceed into the game further, you will start to memorize them as well.

Hopefully, your query has been cleared. For more similar guides, follow us. Thank you!


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