Combats are always one of the crucial parts of video games. Especially if you are playing a survival shooter game. In order to make it through the end of the game, we need weapons. Now weapons can be of any type, and it totally depends upon the game. Escape from tarkov is one of those games that heavily relays on its vast collection of weaponry. It has all the weapons you can possibly think of. Among this weaponry is Pistols. Now pistols are gamer’s favorite. Pistols are unique weapons. They are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to handle, portable, and can be used in both close range and long-range combats. In escape from tarkov, pistols fall in the secondary weapon category. If you are planning to buy the game or maybe you have purchased it and want to take a look at what pistols you can see in the game. Well, you are more than welcome to have a look at this Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol article. In this article on Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol. We will cover every pistol that, as of now, is available in Escape from Tarkov.

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(Lists) Latest Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol

Pistols are more of self-defense weapons rather than attack types. They are helpful in conditions where you can buy a little time for a better strategy to kill the enemy. Obviously, with only pistols, you will not be able to survive the game. But there is no denying the fact that without them you will loose too. You can not just carry a large, heavy machine gun with you. It slows you down as well as make you tired. We all are very well aware that escape from tarkov is one hell of a hyper-realism based game. So without wasting any more time, let’s get on to our list of Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol.

Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol

NameCartridgeForm FactorMuzzle Velocity
APB9x18mm MakarovAn automatic Pistol, Mostly used by Russian forces290 m/s
APS9x18mm MakarovAn automatic pistol and mostly used by Soviet forces288 m/s
FN 5-75.7x28mm FNA semi-automatic pistol that comes in black and flat dark earth color706 m/s
GLOCK179x19mm ParabellumIt is an Austrian pistol used by the Austrian army. Its popularity led it to become a civilian self-defense weapon.467 m/s
GLOCK18C9x19mm ParabellumA variant of the Glock 17, it is rapid-firing machine pistol and has an extended 33-round-capacity magazine467 m/s
M9A39x19mm ParabellumIt is the newest modification of an M9 series pistols specially designed for military and police forces.446 m/s
MP-443 “Grach”9x19mm ParabellumA Russian made semiautomatic pistol, used by the Russian army and special forces of the Ministry449 m/s
The SIG SauerP226R9x19mm ParabellumA Service-type pistol and standard service weapon of Navy SEALs467 m/s
PB pistol9x18mm MakarovA silenced pistol designed for army reconnaissance groups currently used by special forces265 m/s
PM (t) pistol9x18mm MakarovA limited manufactured pistol by Bulgaria with an extended barrel and suppressor mount threading.288 m/s
PM pistol9x18mm MakarovKnown for its reliability, light-weight factor, and portability currently used by Russian Spetznaz.288 m/s
SR-1MP Gyurza9x21mm GyurzaA.K.A Viper, a semi-automatic pistol made for Russian Federation special forces.410 m/s
TT pistol7.62x25mm TokarevIt is a classic legendry pistol that boasts high muzzle velocity, penetration but not used a lot these days. There are various modified versions of this pistol.420 m/s
TT pistol (gold)7.62x25mm TokarevA special gold edition of TT pistol.420 m/s


From the above table, you can see that there is quite a fantastic collection of pistols available in Escape from tarkov. Although the list can be changed when the game will be officially released. But as of now, this is all that this article Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol offers.

We hope this Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol article provides you some information. For more articles like this, Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol follow us. Thank You!



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