You probably have heard of Escape From Tarkov. It is a trending game that will soon be on the top of any first-person shooter game. The main aim is to survive the collapsing city of Tarkov. The Battlestate Games developed it. Escape from Tarkov is one of the fastest-growing, most popular titles in the Survival shooter genre. The game has been praised and recommended by numerous gaming websites. Soon after big gamers posted the gameplay on twitch, the game became the center of attraction. The game is equipped with new-age graphic technology and an immersive storyline, captivating new gamers worldwide. Now the main thing that gamers from all over the world want to taste the thrill of the game and see what it has to offer. That’s where our guide, ‘How to Download Escape from Tarkov,’ will help you. We will cover everything we know about How to Download Escape from the Tarkov game.

escape from tarkov

Things to Consider Before Downloading Escape from Tarkov:

If you have decided to buy and Download the Escape from Tarkov game, there are some essential things that you may need to know.

  • Escape from Tarkov is currently exclusive to PC only.
  • Since the game is exclusive to PC, you will not be able to play the game on consoles.
  • The game is not available on steam as well.
  • Escape from Tarkov can only be playable through its Battlestate Games Launcher.
  • There are a total of Four plans to buy from.
  • Make sure your system passes the minimum system requirements.
  • You can use free trial codes for about two weeks once they are activated.
  • All your game progress is saved on the cloud.

Escape From Tarkov Editions –

While Downloading the Escape from the Tarkov game, you will be prompted to choose among four different editions of the game, which are as follows.

  • Standard Edition – 33.74$
  • Left Behind Edition – 56.24$
  • Prepare for Escape Edition – 74.99$
  • Edge of Darkness Limited Edition – 104.99$

escape from tarkov

(Guide) How to Download Escape from Tarkov

Since you have decided to buy and install the game, there is a thing that you should know escape from tarkov runs with the help of Battlestate Games Launcher, which will be available after you buy the game. Once you have made the purchase, the member login area will let you download the Battlestate Games Launcher, ending the Download Escape from Tarkov game from official servers. Now it may seem a little complicated. That’s why we have given you steps below, so follow the How to Download Escape from Tarkov Launcher steps.

  • STEP 1. Open up your browser and get the Head to the Escape from Tarkov game’s official website
  • STEP 2. Now click on the large preorder button, and it will redirect you to the preorder page
  • STEP 3. On the preorder page, you will see four editions of the game
  • STEP 4. Choose your desired edition
  • STEP 5. Now simply follow the steps provided by the website to complete payment and profile creation
  • STEP 6. Now head back to the game’s website official website
  • STEP 7. Log in using your credentials created in STEP 5.
  • STEP 8. Head on to the profile page, and download the Battlestate Games Launcher
  • STEP 9. Once the launcher is downloaded, install it
  • STEP 10. Login using your credentials now and finally download Escape from Tarkov


Buying and Downloading Escape from Tarkov can be a little bit complicated. But with this little How to Download Escape from Tarkov guide, we have demonstrated all the required easy-to-follow that will help you buy and download the game. Furthermore, this How to Download Escape from Tarkov Launcher article also covers all the important details you need to know before purchasing the game.

With this is the end of the guide on How to Download Escape from Tarkov. We hope you have successfully downloaded and installed the game. Follow us for exciting articles like How to Download Escape from Tarkov Launcher on gaming. Thank you!


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