Out of the Blue, recently a game by the name Escape From Trakov started to be one of the most talked things on the internet like crazy. So in case you are also wondering what’s the hype all about and what makes this Escape From Tarkov game different than others or want to know every detail about the game, well in this article on ‘Escape From Tarkov Review’ we cover all of those things. For the starters, Escape from tarkov is an MMO first-person survival shooter game that takes place in a fictional city of Tarkov—made and published by the indie developer BattleState games. The game is currently in a closed beta stage and can be purchased as early access. Talking about the game like all other survival games, you will battle against military force, other players, AI robots as pretty much everything wants you dead on the ground.

escape from tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Important Details:
Developed ByBattlestate Games
Initial Release Date27 July 2017
Current StatusClosed Beta
GenreFirst Person Shooter game, MMO-RPG, Survival
Where to BuyOfficial Website (Available as Early Access)
Supported PlatformsPC only
Supported OSWindows and Macintosh

(Overview) Escape From Tarkov Review

Here in this Escape From Tarkov Review section, we will be talking about all the exciting stuff about the game. We will be talking about its storyline and some it’s fantastic features that make it different than other games. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.


Talking about the story, everything in this Escape From Tarkov game takes place in a fictional city Trakov. In fact, the city really exists somewhere in Russia. But not actually a part of country Russia. It is a city that always wraps itself in the constant conflicts between the Russian military and the UN. Since the city is not actually a part of any country, it attracted various law-abiding corporations and companies.

escape from tarkov

It is the zero ground for both Russia and European based companies. It started facing scandals, and later on, these scandals turned into war. And the condition started becoming worse each day. The worsened condition resulted in the involvement of UN peacekeepers. So in the game currently the city is torn apart between Un peacekeepers, two private military forces, troops. If we see the gameplay, it kind of gives us an idea that the game is taking place in a post-nuclear situation.


From the story, we get to see that the condition of the city very bad; in the game, you play the role of a mercenary. The entire landscape in the game feels it is poisoned. This can be either radiation or mechanical poising, making the survival more challenging. The game launches the player across multiple locations with the sole purpose of making money and looting gears.

escape from tarkov

You will get to see all sorts of expensive and attractive gears and things left by the military and other factions to steal. The game includes raids, quests, and vendor contracts, which help in evolving your character on multiple levels. In the game, you have to fight against military forces, AI robots, other players. The game features a wide range of weaponry combined with ballistics. The game also has a hideout features that work as your home base.


Escape from tarkov is a fantastic game that excels in every aspect.


Graphically Escape from tarkov is a beautifully designed game. Developers have tried their every inch of effort in making this Escape From Tarkov game graphically beautiful. Every level is unique from the previous one. Each layout of every level features has an immense amount of details. Whether it is a random object, surroundings, weapon detailing, special effects, everything has been crafted superbly. There is no denying that it is one of the best graphically designed game that features detail in every area.

escape from tarkov


Escape from Tarkov features a directional sound system giving you an immersive experience. Furthermore, the games feature ultra-realistic gameplay. That is, you have to keep track of your character’s health, stamina, energy, and hydration level. The environmental conditions affect the character’s state of emotions and behavior like tremors and fear. If your shot on your hand, like in reality, the character feels pain; you have to find medicine and badges to stop the blood loss. With this amount of realistic features, the game gives an immersive experience.



One of the best things about escape from tarkov is its collection of weaponry. The game features almost every weapon you can think of. You can choose from Pistols, Rifles, Carbines, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Grenade launchers, Smoke trends, Stun grenades, all sorts of melee, and throwable weapons. Furthermore, you can also modify your guns from different gun parts. You can make your own weapon. The game features outstanding ballistics, which includes best ammo type, velocity, range, ricochet chance, and angle.



When you start playing the game, you get to choose between the two of the characters, namely SCAV and PMC. SCAV is specially designed for the raid; when you select to play as SCAV, you get a minimal amount of survival tools. Just a gun armor and one to two consumable items. You have to complete the raid within a limited time, and in that time, whoever gears you able to achieve and gather, you get to keep them as your main character. But after a successful or failed raid, you have to wait 30 minutes only after that you can play as SCAV.


With the PMC character, you get your usual survival kit; you can kill AI SCAV, loot gears, and expensive things. There is no time limit. But once you get died in the field and no matter how many gears yo have collected dor you had during the gameplay, you lose it all. So you have to plan everything strategically in order to evolve your character.

Final Verdict:

So this is all about this Escape From Tarkov Review. I hope you like Escape From Tarkov Review. Escape from Trakov is unique in itself. It has managed to create its unique identity in the gaming world. In this sea of games where almost games look kind of alike, especially when we talk to the Open world battle royal game. Escape from Tarkov features immense detail in every aspect from graphics, to the storyline, form realistic details to vast weaponry it covers everything. Apart from voting and raiding, you can complete in-game quests and contracts. The game will surely give an exceptional experience.

We hope this Escape From Tarkov Review article gives you a great knowledge of the game. In this article on Escape From Tarkov Review. We have tried to provide all the essential details regarding the features and uniqueness of the game, for more articles on games and other exciting stuff. Follow us. Thank You!


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