In the world of Coin Master, we get a bucket full of interactive elements that level up our in-game experience. One of those components is the Coin Master pets. The pets are adorable companions that not only add a pinch of charm to the game but also come with unique perks that help you to get a decent experience in various game modes.

Coin Master Pets

Confused about how many Coin Master pets there are and which one is the best? No worries, as in this detailed guide, we will explore the specific perks that each pet offers, how to grab them and upgrade them, and which pet will be the best choice for your Coin Master adventure.

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How Many Coin Master Pets Are There?

Coin Master majorly brings three types of pets, which are as follows – 

Foxy – The Astute Raid Master

Coin Master levels up your gameplay with a pinch of intelligence, allowing you to partner with Foxy. It is a cunning fox that specializes in boosting raid abilities. Foxy, unlocked at Village 4, lets you dig for an extra fourth slot during raids. Foxy’s level impacts the amount of extra coins that you get while raiding villages. At higher levels, Foxy may also offer up to 119% more coins, making it a useful tool for rapid and significant progression. You can get coin master free spins by sharing this game with your friends. 

Rhino – The Stalwart Defender

The next companion on your list is Rhino. To unlock Rhino, you must first complete the “Creatures” card set. Coming to the perks that Rhino offers, it protects a portion of your town from attacks by other players by acting as a protective shield. While Rhino’s defence is not as strong as a conventional shield, upgrading it raises its level of defence. At higher levels, Rhino can defend up to 70% of the village’s valuable buildings, which is useful when constructing new structures without the resources for comprehensive security.

When you lack shields or want extra protection at critical periods, Rhino acts as a solid defender. By constantly updating Rhino, you can improve your defensive skills, increasing the probability of protecting your village from any assaults. 

Tiger – The Mighty Attacker

Want to stack incredible rewards attacking villages and destroy them within a blink? Tiger can be your ultimate companion. To unlock Tiger, you must complete the “Beasts” card set. Tiger, unlike Foxy, excels at increasing attack rewards. When players attack other towns, Tiger pays a portion of the total coins gained as a bonus. Tiger can offer you up to 417% more coins at higher levels, making it an effective companion for producing money and growing towns.

While attacks are less regular than raids, they provide substantial rewards, and having Tiger at your side may considerably increase your coin profits. Tiger’s outstanding capacity to multiply attack rewards makes it a game-changer during Attack Madness seasons, where players may use it to gather large sums of cash and advance quicker.

Coin Master Pets

How To Choose The Best Coin Master Pets?

When you are picking the best coin master pets, you must consider your playstyles and priorities. Foxy is a popular pick for newbies because of its early availability and simplicity of upgrading. Foxy’s raid buff ensures extra coins consistently, making it a reliable asset for in-game progress.

Tiger, on the other hand, excels in settings where assaults are frequent. Its substantial reward bump from successful attacks makes it an appealing option, especially during Attack Madness seasons. Tiger’s potential for huge rewards may be a game-changer for you if you focus on levelling up through numerous strikes.

Coming to the last option. When you require protection but don’t have shields, Rhino, the defender, comes in handy. Upgrading Rhino increases the chance of the village being protected, making it a strategic decision during times of resource constraint or when shielding is required.

How Do You Increase Your Coin Master Points?

To get the most out of your pets, you should prioritize boosting them whenever feasible. Upgrading Foxy to Lv. 186 unlocks its maximum reward boost potential of 119%. Similarly, levelling up Tiger and Rhino improves their raid and attack benefits, helping you to get the most out of your pets.

How To Feed Your Coin Master Pets?

To keep Coin Master pets active for hours, enhancing your gaming experience, you must feed them with pet food. The game allows you to earn pet food and experience points (XP) via things like spinning the slot machine, completing town goods, participating in events, and collecting daily incentives. Additionally, you also have the option to purchase pet food and XP from the in-game shop using real cash.

Coin Master Pets


Pets are more than simply charming companions in the exciting world of Coin Master. They are strategic assets that offer distinct bonuses to help you in raids, attacks, and defence. The Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino each have multiple advantages, and the perfect pet relies on individual play styles and tastes. However, Coin Master Pets must be upgraded and fed on a regular basis in order to reach their maximum potential. So, choose your favourite pet and go on an amazing trip to Coin Master, where you will spin the slot machine, attack towns, and develop your way to being the ultimate Coin Master.


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