League of Legends is a pretty successful game played by thousands of players around the world. What makes the game so popular and has a huge fan base is the fact that it is a free-to-play game. So let’s check out everything about the How to Get Prestige Points guide. Another reason why people love this game is that you can buy items and gear, unlock features and customize your character as you like. These perks can be earned, unlocked, or bought using gemstones, orange, and blue essence, and a premium currency called prestige points. In this informative How to Get Prestige Points guide, we will be talking a lot about it, what these points are, their usage, and importantly How to get prestige points.

How to get prestige points

What are Prestige Points?

Similar to a lot of games, League of Legends also features its very own premium currency called the Prestige points. You can use the currency to unlock exclusive content, like prestige skins, icons, emotes and wards, etc.

What differences Between Riot Points (RP) & Prestige Points (PP)?

Many users, especially those who are new to the game, get confused between the Riot Points (RP) and Prestige points; since both points have great value and significance. Riots Points are the points that you can keep permanently means they do not have any expiration date.

How to get prestige points

On the other hand, prestige points expire after a year if you do not use them. Also, Prestige points can not be bought from the in-game store, while RP can be purchased. So now the only question that is left is How to get prestige points after all? Well, you will find out How to Get Prestige Points soon.

Other Currencies In League of Legends?

Surely Prestige point is not the only currency. There are other in-game currencies as well, like RP, blue essence, orange essence, and gemstones.

  • Blue essence can be earned by playing the game
  • RP can only be acquired by spending real money
  • Gemstones can be bought or obtained from chests

How to Get Prestige Points Very Quickly & Easily

Now that you have a very good idea and its significance, let’s answer your query on How to get prestige Points. So there are two How to Get Prestige Points ways by which you can earn them. One very important thing to know here is that both How to Get Prestige Points methods require you to spend some money. 

1. Purchase Masterwork Chest Bundles

By far, the fastest way you can get your hands on a lot of prestige points is by simply buying the masterwork chest bundles. All you got to do is visit the shop and use (RP) your riot points to make the purchase. 

Masterwork chests are filled with many points, and you can get your hands on multiple loot items like orange essence, skin shards, ward shards, or emotes. If you are lucky, you might also get another Master Chest or a gemstone, or an exclusive gemstone skin.

Here one very important thing to keep in mind is that the standard masterwork chest does not come with complimentary prestige points; you need to buy the bundle options to get it.

Currently, available bundle options are as follows:

  • 1 masterwork chest & key + 1 prestige point (225 RP)
  • 5 masterwork chests & keys + 6 prestige points (1125 RP)
  • 10 (+ 1 bonus) masterwork chests & keys + 13 prestige points (2250 RP)

How to get prestige points

Steps to Buy Masterwork Chest Bundles

In order to purchase masterwork chest bundles, firstly, you have to add Riot Points (RP) to your account. You can do that by following the How to Get Prestige Points steps below.

  • STEP 1. Firstly Open the client
  • STEP 2. Now click on the Coin icon on the top right  go to open the Store 
  • STEP 3. Here Click the Purchase RP button

Now that you have purchased RP, you can buy the bundles by following the How to Get Prestige Points steps below.

  • STEP 1. Assuming that you are in the store, click on the loot tab (Hammer icon)

How to get prestige points

  • STEP 2. Now Scroll down to masterwork chest bundles

How to get prestige points

  • STEP 3. Here click on the bundle(s) you wish to purchase

2. Buy Event Passes

Events are a very big part of League Of Legends; every now and then, you can see events happening. The one major advantage of events is that you can earn a good amount of Prestige Ponts. Each big event on LOL comes with an event pass, and you can use this pass to get additional missions, earn rewards, and, very importantly, the event tokens. These event tokens can give you Prestige Points.

earn more tokens from story missions

Event Pass can be purchased from the Store, similar to Masterwork Chest Bundles. Event pass exclusively gives you a mission award of 25 prestige points. Surely it is a cost-effective approach, but at the same time, it is quite time-consuming as well. You have to play good enough games to get event tokens.

How to Use/Spend Prestige Points in League Of Legends?

Now that you have pretty nice knowledge about it and How to Get Prestige Points. The only query that is left is how you actually spend these points. Well, the answer is that there is a dedicated shop. Here you can use the points and make purchases. Follow the below How to Get Prestige Points steps for a quick guide on reaching the Prestige Points Shop.

  • STEP 1. While the client is opened up, head to the loot tab

How to get prestige points

  • STEP 2. Under materials, click on the prestige point icon

shop play

  • STEP 3. The prestige point shop will be opened up
  • STEP 4. To unlock an item, press the forge button

shop (2020)


So this is all about the How to Get Prestige Points article guide from here now. It has a very valuable significance in LOL. In this How to Get Prestige Points guide, we have tried to cover each piece of information regarding it, especially How to Get Prestige Points.

Hopefully, by now, all your How to Get Prestige Points questions have been answered. If you enjoy reading or checking the How to Get Prestige Points article then please share How to Get Prestige Points with others as well also. Thank you!


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