If you have been playing the Astral Chain you must know the importance of Duty Report. The duty report is not something that you can ignore or bypass. It contains sensitive information regarding our twin characters in the game. The duty report is written by their father Max. However, it is not that easy to get and read the report. You require a password to unlock it and then only you can get access to its content. The purpose of this guide is to get your hands on the astral chain duty report password easily and effectively.

A Guide to Get you Hands on Astral Chain Duty Report Password

About Astral Chain

Intensely inspired by Anime and Manga style. Astral chain is a Hack and Slash game, if you have ever played Nier: Automata, Devil May Cry, or Bayonetta then you might love this game. And why not it is designed by the same person who designed the above-mentioned games. Astral Chain takes place in the dystopian era. The game revolves around twin characters who are new recruits of the Police Task Force. The Police Task Force aims to fight against the legions.

A Guide to Get you Hands on Astral Chain Duty Report Password

More About the Astral Chain Duty Report & How to Get it

As you proceed further in the game you will soon need an Astral Chain Duty Report Password to read the content. The duty report has information about the past lives of our main twin characters. This helps the gamer to connect to the character at a more deep level.

This report was written by their father Max and is quite lengthy. However, to keep it safe and secure the duty report was infused with password protection.

In order to get access to the Duty Report, you have to go through File 06. But before opening up the Duty Report you have to make sure that you have all the required contents of the Duty Report.

In case you accidentally close the report, there is no way to open it again until you Restart File 06 again. Furthermore, the duty report can be accessed later in the game when the player reviews all the files.

Why Duty Report is so Important?

Duty Report is an important piece of information as you move further in the game consider it as a reward. Also, the report changes the perspective of the game and makes the game much more immersive story-wise.

Get Your Hands-on Astral Chain Duty Report Password

Well getting the astral chain duty report password is not that hard task, if you carefully go through the game you will surely figure out the password. Since it is a game it certainly requires you to explore the game and dig out the password using your detective skills.

However, some of our friends are not able to figure it out even after channeling detective skills. If you have carefully followed or looked at the past life of Max (father of twins protagonist). You will surely have guessed that the Astral Chain Duty Report Password is 1125.


A Guide to Get you Hands on Astral Chain Duty Report Password

From the story of the father, you can deduce that actually, 1125 is the birthdate of both twins.


In the above article, we have gone thoroughly over the astral chain duty report password. The article talks in detail about it, its importance in the game and can you get it.

We hope that all your queries Astral Chain Duty Report Password have been resolved. For more guides on games and other game-related stuff follow us. Thank you!


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