We have been getting a lot of user requests regarding this query as users face performance issues and delays in processing the data. So one of the best ways to get rid of these issues is to clear out all the temporary and unused cache data simply. Since you are on this How to Clear Cache on PS4 guide, you might have already gone through each and every option of the PS4 and could not find the How to Clear Cache on PS4 option. Well, this is because PS4 does not have such an option. So no matter how much you go deep into the settings, you will not be able to clear out the cache that way. However, there is a How to Clear Cache on PS4 way by which you can clear out all the short-term memory cache, the How to Clear Cache on PS4 method is manual, and you have to go through a procedure.

How to Clear Cache on PS4

Reasons to Clear Cache Data

Clearing out cache data might result in many benefits; first of all, it will make a little more space on your PS4. The next thing that you will notice is a little performance boost and quick processing of data. Furthermore, it can also be useful if you face any sort of error and crash.

The chances are that you might have already cleared out the cache already. If you have been in a scenario where you just opened up the game and realized that all your game settings had been reset. Well, then this is what clearing out the cache does. Firstly, it clears all the temporary files, including the temporary game settings. 

  • More space on your PS4
  • Performance boost
  • Quick processing of data
  • Eliminate error and crashing
  • Better Response

How to Clear Cache on PS4 Very Easily & Quickly

Now that you have gone through all the perks and benefits of clearing out cache and temporary data. Below you will get to know the entire procedure step by step. Just follow the How to Clear Cache on PS4 steps, and by the end, your query on How to Clear Cache on PS4 will be cleared. Now let’s get started with the process. 

If you are worried about whether it is safe or not, do not worry. The How to Clear Cache on PS4 process is completely safe, and you will not be facing any further issues. The How to Clear Cache on PS4 method has been used and suggested by lots of gamers.

Power menu

Before proceeding to the How to Clear Cache on PS4 Steps, Ensure that your PS4 is turned on and running; we will begin the process from the PS4’s main home screen.

  • STEP 1. On your Controller, hold the PlayStation button to bring the Quick menu to your screen
  • STEP 2. From the list of quick menus, scroll down a little and click on the Power menu
  • STEP 4. Now on the right, you can see the Turn-OFF PS4 option; click on it
**NOTE: Make sure to only click on Turn off PS4 option,
do not click on Rest mode or Restart option.
  • STEP 5. Once you click on the option your PS4 will completely turn off after a few seconds. To be sure, check the indicator light on the PS4
  • STEP 6. Now head to your PS4 and unplug the Power cable from the back, now wait for a minute or two
  • STEP 7. Now plug the Power Cable back into the Playstation, and turn it on
  • STEP 8. Once your PS4 turns on, all your cache files will be cleared


In the above How to Clear Cache on PS4 guide, we have seen the complete steps by which your query on How to Clear Cache on PS4 can be resolved. Additionally, we have seen all the benefits of clearing out the PS4 cache.

How to Clear Cache on PS4

Hopefully, this How to Clear Cache on PS4 guide has proved to be helpful to you. For more similar guides like this How to Clear Cache on PS4, follow us. Thank you!


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