Getting your account disabled by Discord is surely bad news. Whether the account was disabled due to your mistake or it is the doing of someone else. No matter what the case is, your only concern here is how to recover your account. Well, in this Discord Account Disabled guide, you will find all the information that you have been looking for regarding the Discord Account Disabled issue.

Discord Account Disabled

Possible Reasons Why your Account was Disabled by Discord Authorities

Getting it is not that easy. Chances are you accidentally or unknowingly might have done something that the discord spam protection algorithm has detected. This is done just to protect your account from being hacked or misused. The following are the very common reasons behind the Discord account disabled issue.

  • Repetitive False Login: One of the very common reasons why your account is disabled by discord is when you try to log in repetitively with incorrect login credentials. Wrong credentials mean the email/username or the password. 
  • Joining Multiple Servers at the Same Time: Another very common reason why your account can get disabled is when you join multiple servers at the same time. Also, if you send multiple messages on different servers at the same then also the account can be disabled by the Discord Algorithm.
  • Harassment, abuse, insult, or similar action: If you have done any sort of Harassment with any user or used abusive or insulting language, then also your account can be disabled.
  • Someone Disabled Your Account: Lastly, there are chances that your account might have been leaked or currently used by someone, and they might have disabled your account. Or chances are you yourself have disabled your account just to distance yourself from discord.

Discord Account Disabled: How to Recover?

At this Discord Account Disabled point, you must have a good idea about the possible reason why it happens, whether you have violated the discord policies knowingly or unknowingly or misused your account. In all the conditions, you can recover your account; however, it may take some time. Furthermore, if you have knowingly disabled your account, you can also easily recover it. All the solutions to fix it are in this Discord Account Disabled section.

What to Do When Discord Account Disabled

This Discord Account Disabled section contains all the valuable solutions to fix your issue if you have not disabled your discord account knowingly. That is due to discord policies and the discord algorithm. Now follow the below Discord Account Disabled steps to fix this Discord Account Disabled issue systematically.

Check Your Email

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to check the email address that is attached to your discord account. No matter what reason is behind your disabled account, there will be an email from the discord in which they state that your account has been disabled. One of the most valuable things that you will know from this email is that you will know the reason why your account is actually disabled. 

  • STEP 1. Open up your email address that is connected to your discord account
  • STEP 2. Once opened, check the email from the discord

Discord Account Disabled

  • STEP 3. Open up the email and check why your account is disabled

Discord Account Disabled

Write an Email regarding Un-Disabling your Discord Account

Now that you know why your account has been disabled, the next thing to do is write an email to discord support. The email that you are going to write is very crucial, so make sure that you have cleared yourself. Also, keep in mind the below-mentioned Discord Account Disabled points.

  • Make sure that in the subject field, you must put My Account Has Been Disabled on Discord/ Request to un-disable it or similar.
  • In the main body of the email, make sure to use respectful language.
  • If you have not broken any policies or rules, then tell them that your account has been disabled by mistake; and that you have not broken any rules and policies.
  • If you have violated any terms, then respectfully ask them that you are sorry for the mistake and that you have a good history of being a good discord user, and you will never do it again.
  • One important point that you must keep is that your account is just disabled and not banned. Finally, ask them to un-disable your account so that you may reconnect with your friends.

Wait for the Discord Response

Once you have sent the mail, the only thing you can do is wait. The usual response time is within a week. After receiving your email, they will review and inspect the issue, and hopefully, they will un-disable your account. If the mistake were from their side, they would surely apologize for the inconvenience. If the Discord Account Disabled problem were from your side, you would be warned.


The above Discord Account Disabled guide covers all the possible reasons why your Discord account disabled. We have majorly talked about how to recover your account. We have also covered as many tips as possible.

Hope you like the Discord Account Disabled article guide from here now. For more helpful guides like this Discord Account Disabled, you can follow us. Thank you!


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