CSGO is a game that has been around us for quite a time, with regular updates and the addition of Maps, weapons, weapon skins, character skins, and other nice improvements. The game is one of the best team PvP first-person shooter games. There is no doubt that the game is filled with thrill and fun. You can also use cheats in the game as well to take your fun to the next level. Our today’s How to Kick Bots In CSGO guide revolves around a cheat called kicking bots in CSGO. A lot of users have been asking for quite some time regarding the command and How to kick bots in csgo. Now that you are here, you will not only get the command of the kicking bot but also some additional information regarding other bot-kicking commands.

How to Kick Bots In CSGO

About CSGO Gameplay

CSGO is filled with lots of fun and thrill, and it is the most recent instalment in the Counter-Strike world. The game, as you all know, follows an objective-based approach, and it is a first-person shooter game that certainly gives you that in-game experience. CSGO, without a doubt, is the most successful game when it comes to team PvP gaming. You begin using your skills as a part of a team, and there are a total of two teams terrorists and counter-terrorists. You are tasked with eliminating the other team members before they eliminate you. In addition to that, you have to also complete the given task depending on the game mode you selected. You might have to diffuse a bomb, attack hostages, plant a bomb, etc.

How to Kick Bots In CSGO Very Easily & Quickly

Now to answer your query on How to kick bots in csgo? Below we have managed to put together an easy-to-follow How to Kick Bots In CSGO guide. Following this How to Kick Bots In CSGO guide will help you in understanding multiple important things like how to enable the developer console, how to put a command in the console, kicking bots, and other commands related to kicking bots.

Enabling the Developer Console & Binding a Special Key

If you are new to CSGO, you might not know how to enable the developer console in CSGO. Follow the below How to Kick Bots In CSGO steps to enable the CSGO and attach a special key to bring it anytime while you play the game. If you already know about the developer and how to enable follow the next How to Kick Bots In CSGO section.

  • STEP 1. Make sure that CSGO is running and you are on the main menu screen
  • STEP 2. Now you have to Click on the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen
  • STEP 3. You will be taken over to the Game Settings tab
  • STEP 4. Scroll down and locate the toggle to the “Enable Developer Console” option and put it to “Yes.”


  • STEP 5. After enabling the Developer Console, make sure you save the changes by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom
  • STEP 6. Now Head to the Keyboard and Mouse settings within the game settings tab
  • STEP 7. Here select UI keys, you will find the Toggle Console option, click on it, and bind a unique key

csgo developer console

The only thing that you must keep in mind here is that make sure that the key you have selected is not clashing with another function.

  • STEP 8. Finally, apply the changes

STEPS: How to Kick Bots in CSGO?

Now that you have done the first part, which is enabling the developer and binding a special key, the next part is pretty simple and easy. Follow the How to Kick Bots In CSGO steps now.

  • STEP 1. Make sure you are on the game screen 
  • STEP 2. Press the shortcut key that you have given to bring out the Developer console in the above section
  • STEP 3. Now you can see a Dark Grey box appear on the screen, like CMD in windows
  • STEP 4. Now enter the command below to kick out all the bots


How to Kick Bots In CSGO

  • STEP 5. As soon as you enter the command and close the console windows, all the bots will disappear

Although the above command is enough to kick bots to see more commands related to it, follow the below How to Kick Bots In CSGO steps.

  • STEP 6. Bring the console using the shortcut key and follow the commands.
    • mp_limitteams 1 this command is helpful if you do not want the bots to re-join the game once they are kicked out 
    • mp_autoteambalance 0 this command prevents the bots from auto-balancing
    • bot_kick this is the command that kicks out bots 
    • bot_kick t this command kicks out bots on the terrorist side
    • bot_kick ct this command kicks out bots on the Anti-terrorist side
    • bot_kick all this command helps kick all the bots out on your CSGO server
    • bot_add t or bot_add ct this command will bring back the bots


In this How to Kick Bots In CSGO guide, we have demonstrated to you all the steps on How to Kick Bots in CSGO. The How to Kick Bots In CSGO guide basically covers two important things the first is enabling the console, and the second is executing the command.

Hopefully, by now, you’re How to Kick Bots In CSGO question has been answered. For more guides on games and like this How to Kick Bots In CSGO, follow us. Thank you!


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