“Is Minecraft cross platform?” is a question that might have been raised in your mind when you started planning to play it with your friends. Well, here we have the answer to your questions.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games, and it has millions of players all over the world. It is a place online where people build fantastical worlds and creations. It is available on almost all platforms, and that too for years now.

So let’s find out, is Minecraft cross platform?

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[THE TRUTH] Is Minecraft Cross Platform?

Yes, Minecraft is cross platform.

This means that players on different platforms and gaming consoles can play together without any hassle. This was made possible after Minecraft released the “Better Together” update. This unified the game codebase across all platforms, enabling the players to play together no matter what platform.

Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?
Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

However, you need to make sure that you and your friends are running the same version of Minecraft, i.e., players with the Java version can play with people who have the Java version as well. Minecraft has two versions: Java and Bedrock version.

The Java version is only available on Windows PC, macOS and Linux. macOS and Linux, the Java edition is the only way to play Minecraft. On Windows, however, you can purchase and play either of the one, Java or Bedrock. If you’re using any other platform than those mentioned above, it means you’re playing the bedrock version.

Minecraft cross player is available on the following platforms:

Java Version:

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Windows PC

Bedrock Version:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4/5
  • Samsung VR
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PSVR
  • Fire OS/TV

However, if you’re playing Minecraft on older platforms like Xbox 360, then you won’t have the option to play cross platform in Minecraft.

How to activate Cross Platform in Minecraft?

  • Launch Minecraft on the device of your choice.
  • Create or load into a pre-existing world.
  • Access the menu button that appears when you pause the game, aka the “in-game pause menu”.
  • Click on “Invite to Game”.
  • This will open a list of all your in-game friends who are online.
  • Scroll down. You will see an option “Online Cross-Platform Friends”.
Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?
Cross-Platform Friends
  • Select your friend’s name, and an invite will be sent.

Reminder: Ensure that the person you want to invite is already on your in-game friend list. Otherwise, you’ll first have to add them as a friend, then you will be able to send an invite and be able to play with them.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games all over the world. It has millions of players, and it allows the players to reshape the world and build fantastical creatures.

Now, to answer “Is Minecraft cross platform?”, yes it is cross platform. It allows users to play with each other, no matter what platform they are on. The release of the Bedrock version brought the feature of cross-platform in Minecraft. We hope your question “Is Minecraft cross platform?” is answered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is Minecraft cross platform between Xbox and PS4?

Yes, Minecraft supports cross platform between Xbox and PS4. Minecraft supports cross platform feature across platforms. You need to make sure that other players are on the same version as you to enable the cross platform feature.

2. Is Minecraft cross platform with PC?

Yes, cross platform play is available for people with the bedrock edition of Minecraft on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and mobile devices.

3. Is PS4 Minecraft Bedrock or Java?

PS4 Minecraft is Bedrock. Java version is only available on Windows PC, macOS or Linux.

4. Can Java play with Bedrock?

Unfortunately, no. You need to ensure that all players have the same version of Minecraft to play with each other.

5. Can you play Bedrock on a phone?

Yes! Bedrock edition for Android devices can be purchased and downloaded from the Play Store easily.


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