Chances are that during the signup process for the Valorant, you accidentally or knowingly set your display name that is either too funny or inappropriate. So let’s check out everything about the Valorant Change Name article. Your friends might be bullying you or making fun; the ultimate point here is that you need to Change your Name to something sober. We have been getting a lot of requests regarding the Valorant Change Name. So here we are with a simple and easy-to-follow Valorant Change Name guide. In this Valorant Change Name guide, we will be covering the entire name change process.

Valorant Change Name

Ah, the heroic world! A setting where agility and strategy collide and where your game name serves as your brand. a significant factor that is frequently disregarded until you want a Valorant Change Name. A new name can revitalize your gaming experience, whether you’ve outgrown your current alias or simply want something new. Ensure a smooth transition to your new in-game identity by following our detailed instructions on how to Valorant Change Name. Now let’s get to know more about this Valorant Change Name guide.

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About Valorant

Valorant is a big name. It is a game that has been dominating since its pre-release access; it has been a super hyped, talked about, and highly publicized game. Furthermore, the game is from the well-known studio RIOT Games; for those who do not know, this is the same studio that brought League of Legends. The game has been buzzing around the gaming world, especially on Twitch.

Talking of the game, well, to be honest, it is pretty easy to describe. The game’s main mode is based on team PvP; that is, there are two teams of five members each. You will be a part of the team; chances are you are on a team that is planting a bomb while the other team has to prevent the planting of the bomb. You have to clear the objective along with defeating the opposing team.

There will be rounds, and each round will give you credits depending on your performance. These credits can be spent on armour, weapons, abilities, etc. This is just a basic intro to the game. The game has many more things, like characters, attack styles, and customization.

Valorant Change Name

(Guide) How to Valorant Change Name Very Quickly

Here in the Valorant Change Name guide section, we will demonstrate the Valorant Change Name steps to Valorant Change Name. Here we will demonstrate two Valorant Change Name methods to change your current display name, so choose the one you find most suitable and proceed with the Valorant Change Name steps. 

Understanding the Significance of Your Valorant Name

The Importance of a Name

  • Identity: Your Valorant name is your virtual identity. It is how your teammates and opponents recognize you.
  • Impression: A unique and catchy name can create memorable impressions among the player community.
  • Professionalism: If you’re an aspiring pro player, a consistent and professional name aligns with your career aspirations.

Valorant Change Name through Riot ID

So the first Valorant Change Name method that we will demonstrate is changing your RIOT ID for those unaware. RIOT ID is the same thing that displays as your Valorant name. So once you change your RIOT ID, the change will be instantly reflected on your Valorant display name. To understand how it is done, follow the Valorant Change Name steps below.

  • STEP 1. Once your PC is up, open up Chrome or any web browser that you have installed
  • STEP 2. After the browser opens up, head open up the RIOT official website or click on this link
  • STEP 3. Once the webpage opens up, on the top left of the page, click on Sign in

riot games

  • STEP 4. You will now be redirected to the login page of the website; enter your credentials
  • STEP 5. After logging in successfully, you will land on your Account Dashboard, now hover over your Display name at the top right 
  • STEP 6. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings; you will be asked to re-enter your password

chnage riot id

  • STEP 7. Once the settings page is opened up, click on the RIOT ID tab
  • STEP 8. Now on the right, you can see your current RIOT ID, here change it as you like

chnage riot id

  • STEP 9. After entering the new ID, click on the Submit, then check your display name, and it will be updated

Valorant Change Name through LoL (League of Legends)

For those unaware, an alternate way is to change your League of Legends name. League of Legends and Valorant are tied. So if you switch your Display Name on League of Legends, the same will also appear on your Valornat display name. Now let’s see the Valorant Change Name procedure.

The process will be like the previous Valorant Change Name method, but it will take place on the official League of Legends website.

  • STEP 1. Open up the web browser and open the League of Legends official website
  • STEP 2. Once the page is opened up, click on the Sign-in button at the top right

league of legends

  • STEP 3. Login using the preferred way; after logging in, you will be on the main page of your account

change riot id

  • STEP 4. Hover over your Display name located on the top right corner, select Settings
  • STEP 5. Once the settings page is opened up, click on the RIOT ID tab 
  • STEP 6. Now on the right, you can see the current RIOT ID, press the edit button and change it to your preferred ID
  • STEP 7. After you entered the ID, click on the Submit button

RIOT ID tab 

  • STEP 8. After submitting, you will be able to see the Valorant Change Name as well

Things to Consider While Valorant Change Name

1. Name Change Cooldown

  • There is a 30-day cooldown period for changing your name on Riot services.

2. Impact on Friends List

  • Changing your name won’t wipe your friend’s list, but remember to notify them about the change so they can recognize you.

3. Impact on Rankings and Purchases

  • Fear not! Your ranking, purchases, and account history are not impacted by a name change.

Consequences of Frequent Valorant Change Name

Identity Consistency

  • Perception: Frequent Valorant Change Name can confuse your gaming circle and the larger gaming community.
  • Recognition: Continuity in identity fosters recognition, whereas constant change might erode it.

Professional and Social Aspects

  • Branding: For streamers and professional gamers, consistency in the name is crucial for branding and fan recognition.
  • Social Interaction: Inconsistent identities may hamper the social aspect of gaming, as players might struggle to keep track of their changing aliases.


So this is all about the Valorant Change Name article guide. In this Valorant Change Name guide, we have seen two ways by which Valorant Change Name can be done. The same Valorant Change Name steps can be done through your smartphone as well. Hopefully, your issue is now resolved. Thank you! Hope you like this Valorant Change Name from here now.

Choosing a name is similar to creating a legacy because it serves as a reminder of your gaming exploits, flies proudly above your in-game victories, and is the name that other warriors will recognize, respect, and possibly fear. Therefore, let your new name reflect more than just a change; let it also reflect your strength, your friendship, and the unwavering spirit of a true Valorous competitor. Hope you enjoy checking this type of Valorant Change Name content.

In the vast, vibrant realms of Valorant, your name is more than just an ID. Remember this as you advance boldly while wearing your new name like an emblem of honour. It’s a narrative, an identity, and a subdued but powerful whisper of your presence in each hallway and battleground. If you enjoy reading the Valorant Change Name then please do share the Valorant Change Name with others as well.

People Also Ask (FAQ):

Q1. Why Would I Want to Valorant Change Name?

In Valorant, a name is more than just a tag; it’s also your identity and online persona. Players frequently choose a name change to instil a newfound sense of motivation, reinvent their gaming persona, or simply to better reflect their changing gaming preferences and style. A name change can be a major, revitalizing step, whether you’re looking for a new vibe, joining a gaming clan, or choosing a more professional alias.

Q2. How Often Can I Valorant Change Name?

A 30-day cooling-off period is mandated by Riot Games for name changes. This is intended to prevent misuse of the feature and preserve some stability and recognizability among gamers. Therefore, give careful thought to your new name to prevent regret during the cooldown period.

Q3. Does Valorant Change Name Affect My In-Game Stats or Purchases?

In Valorant, changing your name won’t affect your in-game stats, ranking, or any purchases you’ve made. Your gaming history, accomplishments, and inventory will remain intact, merely showcased under a new moniker.

Q4. What Happens to My Friends List When I Valorant Change Name?

Your friend list won’t be affected by a name change. Your friends won’t see your old name, only your new one. It’s a good idea to let them know about your new alias to clear up any misunderstandings and guarantee smooth interactions moving forward.

Q5. Is There a Way to Check the Availability of a Name Before Changing?

The Riot Games website will let you know whether the desired name and hashtag combination are available or already in use when you try to change your name. To avoid any last-minute brainstorming, have a few backup plans ready.

Q6. Can I Revert to My Old Name After a Change?

If your old name is still available after the 30-day cooling-off period, you can go back to it. Make sure your previous name complies with any updated naming guidelines that may have been put in place while you were away from it.

Q7. How Does Valorant Change Name Impact My Gaming Reputation?

While your in-game statistics and history are unaffected, frequently changing your name can affect how you’re viewed by other gamers. Consistency in your gaming alias is key to gaining recognition and a solid reputation, as opposed to frequent changes that could confuse players and obscure your true identity.

Q8. Are There Restrictions on the Types of Names I Can Choose?

Absolutely! Like most online platforms, Valorant has strict rules against names that are offensive, inappropriate, or incite hatred. To avoid potential account issues or penalties, it’s critical to choose a name that adheres to the community guidelines.

Q9. Can Two Players Have the Same Valorant Name?

The same Riot ID cannot be shared by two players with the same name. Your name and a hashtag with numbers, such as (e.g., GamerTag#1234), make up your Riot ID. The name “GamerTag” can be used by multiple people, but the hashtag and number combination must be exclusive.

Q10. Does My Valorant Name Have a Character Limit?

Yes, the maximum character length for your Valorant name is 30. Make sure your new name stays within this range and captures your gaming persona while also being catchy, memorable, and short.

With the proper knowledge, navigating a Valorant Change Name can be a simple process. Your in-game name serves as both a label and a symbol for your adventures, conflicts, and victories in the game. Make wise decisions, act strategically, and may your new alias open up exciting new adventures in the dynamic Valorant universes.



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