OBS is a popular tool for recording your desktop, and the tool is very popular among twitch streamers and YouTubers. As the tool allows them to record the gaming sessions, guiding Consider a scenario, you have just recorded your first guiding video about some troubleshooting issue, and you have finished the processing of the video. At last, to check the final result, you look for the final video but have no idea where the actual video is; you try to search for the folder randomly. Your search for the video in the application, but you do not find it. This is a very common problem that is faced by new users. But do not worry. This guide not only clears your query on Where does OBS Save Recordings but also how you can modify the existing save location.


Where Does OBS Save Recordings

Now to answer your query on Where does obs save recordings? Below you can follow the steps to see the actual default location of the file. One thing that you must keep in mind is that since the OBS studio is available for multiple OS (Windows. Mac, and Linux), the default location of each OS will be different. We have shared the location for each separately, which you can check out below. Once you reach the location from there, you can move, copy, delete the file.

Now that you know the default location, and if you decide to change the current location, you can jump directly to the very end section of the article. There we have discussed all the steps for changing the default OBS save location.

Where does OBS Save Recordings (Windows)

If you are a windows user and installed the OBS studio, then the default save location is usually the C: drive. Simply follow the below steps, and you will reach the default save directory.

  • STEP 1. Make sure you have recorded and processed your session
  • STEP 2. Once saved, minimize the OBS studio
  • STEP 3. Now open up the My computer (Windows 7) / File Explorer (Windows 10)
  • STEP 4. Follow the path C: Drive >  Users folder > the folder with your account name > Videos folder


  • STEP 5. Once you reach the folder, you can see all your recordings there

Where does OBS Save Recordings (Mac)

If you are using Mac, then follow the below steps to get access to the default location of the recorded files.

  • STEP 1. Once you have recorded your session and saved the file, follow the next step
  • STEP 2. Now head to ~/Movies, and there you will be able to see all your recorded videos

Where does OBS Save Recordings (Linux)

To all the users who are using Linux, the below steps will take you to the default location of OBS recorded videos.

  • STEP 1. Now that you have recorded your session and saved it
  • STEP 2. Now head to /home/ your USERNAME
  • STEP 3. Once you reach the location, you can see all the recorded sessions

How to Change the Default Saving Location

Now some of the users are not well satisfied with the default saved file location and want to change the location. For that, follow the below steps. In case you are wondering whether the process will be different for different OS’s, then the answer is NO. The process will be the same for all the OSs.

  • STEP 1. First of all, make sure that OBS studio is up and running
  • STEP 2. Now, on the top menu, click on File, then from the drop-down menu, click on Settings
  • STEP 3. Once the settings window is opened up, on the left, click on the Output tab
  • STEP 4. Now on the right under the Recording section, you can see the recording path
  • STEP 5. Beside the path click on the Browse button


  • STEP 6. Now choose the location that you find suitable for saving the files
  • STEP 7. Once you have chosen the location, click on Save
  • STEP 8. Now next time, whenever you save the files, you know exactly where to look for

In this guide on Where does OBS Save Recordings, we have gone through the steps to locate the default OBS save location for the file. Additionally, the guide also covers the steps to change the default save location.

Hopefully, this guide has resolved your query. Thank you!


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