Borderlands 3 is a fantastic game and there has been going a lot on regarding this game. Among those things is the controversial borderlands 3 luck stat. While some of the users claim that it does not have any effect, some users confirmed that the luck stat works. It can be said that users are not well aware of this particular stat of the game. If you are also stuck in this confusion and want to know does this works or not, or how does it work. Follow this article we will be covering all the things regarding it.

borderlands 3 luck stat

What is Borderlands 3 Luck Stat?

Borderlands 3 is filled with a lot of upgradable stats including damage, health, and fire rate. Luck stat comes under the unknown and undiscovered territory of the game. So as the name itself tells. Borderlands 3 Luck Stat increases your luck. Although there is no clear number or percent as to which your luck increases. But users who have used this ability confirmed that to increase your luck between 10-15%.

Whats Does Increase Luck Stat Do?

Now the second question that must be popping into your mind is that; if you have increased luck what benefit will it do. Well, the answer is you will get your hands on better loots drops, rare items, an increased number of Common to Legendary gear drops. The higher the luck stat you have the higher chance of getting rare and legendary loots and gears.

You get your hands on.

  • Rare loots
  • Very rare loots
  • Legendary loots

Does Luck Stat Even Work?

To be honest Yes it works. I know there are hundreds of players out there who say that it does not work. It is because some factors affect this. It works differently for every people.

  • These factors include your Difficulty Level. That is in what difficulty level you are playing.
  • The enemy, to whom you are fighting, if it is a boss surely you will get your hand on legendary gear
  • Thirdly the luck stat does not work instantly it works gradually. As you proceed further in the game you will start to notice that you are getting more and more rare items, legendary gears, and loots.

How to Increase Borderlands 3 Luck Stat

Now that you know Borderlands 3 Luck Stat works and it does affect your overall gameplay. There are some ways you can increase your luck stat. Increased luck stat will have drastic changes.

Majorly there are two ways to increase your luck stat.

  • Finding Loots Loot that will Provide a Bonus to your Luck

The way is rather simple and as you proceed further in the game you will get your hand on lots of loot. The more you loot the more chances you have to increase your Borderlands 3 Luck Stat.

borderlands 3 luck stat

  • Using Relics

If you have relics in your arsenal then you can use that to boost your Borderlands 3 Luck Stat. One of the relics is the Loaded Dice. If you have loaded dice you can use it to boost luck instantly.

electric slide loaded dice

  • Earning Guardian Points

Guardian points can not be earned during the main story. Once you have finished the main story of the game you will be able to earn guardian points. Guardian points can be increased by the experience. 

Guardian points are something that has a lot of value you can spend them on trees, buffs among those is the Borderlands 3 Luck Stat. Simply go to the Hunter section and spend guardian points on Luck.

There are some other ways to increase your luck. But you have to sacrifice another stat. So it is up to you and your strategy. Furthermore, you can use multiple ways to stack up and create a good luck stat to get maximum legendary and rare gears.

bonus stats


In this above article, we have gone through all the important information regarding Borderlands 3 Luck Stat. We have talked about all the benefits of the luck stat. Does it even work?. How to increase the luck stat.

We hope that all your questions have been answered and confusion has been cleared out. For more Borderlands 3 Luck Stat guides on gaming and other game stuff. Follow us. Thank you!


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