A rich and varied cast of characters is available for players to enlist and command in the beloved Fire Emblem Fates game as they pursue victory. There are three different storylines to choose from, and the cast of Fire Emblem Fates Characters offers interesting gameplay and tactical possibilities. We’ll examine the main Fire Emblem Fates Characters, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them to form a strong team in this in-depth guide. So let’s check out everything about the Fire Emblem Fates Characters article.

Fire Emblem Fates Characters

Your success in the world of Fire Emblem Fates depends on your capacity to utilise the distinctive skills and synergies of your constantly expanding cast of Fire Emblem Fates Characters. With more than 60 different heroes to choose from across three interconnected storylines, the game offers countless strategic options that captivate players. The Fire Emblem Fates Characters are intricately detailed in this extensive Fire Emblem Fates Characters guide, with their advantages, disadvantages, and roles highlighted. To create an unstoppable force and overcome any obstacle in your way, learn the ideal team combinations, pairings, and reclassing options. Now let’s get to know more about this Fire Emblem Fates Characters guide.

Table of Contents

I. Key Characters from Each Path

The three-story paths in Fire Emblem Fates are Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. Exclusive Fire Emblem Fates Characters from each path join your team and influence your gameplay.

A. Birthright Characters

  1. Hoshidan Royals

    • Ryoma: The eldest Hoshidan prince, an adept swordsman with a powerful signature weapon, the Raijinto.
    • Hinoka: A skilled pegasus knight and the elder Hoshidan princess, specializing in aerial combat.
    • Takumi: The younger Hoshidan prince, a masterful archer with the divine bow, the Fujin Yumi.
    • Sakura: The youngest Hoshidan princess, a caring healer with a strong sense of duty.
  2. Hoshidan Retainers

    • Kaze: A swift ninja adept at debuffing enemies and stealing items.
    • Subaki: A perfectionist sky knight with great speed and evasion.
    • Hana: A samurai with a focus on offence and critical hits.
    • Setsuna: A clumsy but skilled archer with high evasion.

B. Conquest Characters

  1. Nohrian Royals

    • Xander: The eldest Nohrian prince, a powerful paladin with the legendary sword, the Siegfried.
    • Camilla: A menacing and protective older sister, excelling as a malign knight.
    • Leo: A tactical genius and mage, wielding the divine tome, the Brynhildr.
    • Elise: The youngest Nohrian princess, a cheerful healer with excellent magic capabilities.
  2. Nohrian Retainers

    • Laslow: A flirtatious and loyal mercenary with strong offensive capabilities.
    • Peri: A bloodthirsty cavalier with exceptional attack and speed.
    • Niles: A cunning outlaw skilled in archery and debuffing enemies.
    • Selena: A fierce mercenary with balanced combat abilities.

C. Revelation Characters

  1. Neutral Characters

    • Azura: A mysterious songstress with the ability to refresh allies and attack using a lance.
    • Kaden: A cheerful kitsune with the ability to transform into a powerful beast.
    • Keaton: A bold wolfskin with incredible strength and the ability to transform into a fearsome wolf.
  2. Key Revelation-Exclusive Characters

    • Scarlet: A fierce wyvern lord with exceptional strength and defence.
    • Shura: A versatile adventurer with a wide range of skills, including lock-picking and debuffing.

II. Support System & Pairings

Characters can develop relationships and possibly get married in Fire Emblem Fates thanks to the game’s support system, which also awards stat bonuses and unlocks new Fire Emblem Fates Characters. Ideal combinations include:

  1. Ryoma x Kagero: This pairing provides strong offensive bonuses for both Fire Emblem Fates Characters and produces a powerful child unit, Shiro.
  2. Xander x Charlotte: This combination boosts Xander’s offence and grants their child, Siegbert, excellent physical prowess.

Fire Emblem Fates Characters

III. Child Characters

Each married couple has a child unit, who receives their parents’ abilities and stats. Here are two notable young people:

  1. Ophelia: Daughter of Odin and a powerful mage with high magic and skill growth rates.
  2. Soleil: Laslow’s daughter, a versatile mercenary with balanced combat abilities and high-speed growth.

IV. Key Reclassing Options

Characters can switch classes in Fire Emblem Fates by using items, which unlocks new skills and boosts stat growth potential. Some notable reclassification possibilities are:

  1. Mozu: Reclass her to an Archer to take advantage of her high skill and speed growth.
  2. Oboro: Change her to a Spear Master to enhance her already impressive lance skills and increase her critical hit rate.

V. Top 5 Characters for Each Role

A. Top 5 Physical Attackers

  1. Ryoma
  2. Xander
  3. Camilla
  4. Hinoka
  5. Keaton

B. Top 5 Magical Attackers

  1. Leo
  2. Ophelia
  3. Orochi
  4. Nyx
  5. Hayato

C. Top 5 Tanks

  1. Benny
  2. Effie
  3. Rinkah
  4. Beruka
  5. Hinata

D. Top 5 Healers

  1. Sakura
  2. Elise
  3. Felicia
  4. Azama
  5. Jakob

E. Top 5 Utility Characters

  1. Azura
  2. Niles
  3. Kaze
  4. Setsuna
  5. Shura


A wide variety of Fire Emblem Fates Characters are available in Fire Emblem Fates, and each one brings special skills and advantages to the fight. In order to create a diverse and effective team, it is essential to comprehend the different Fire Emblem Fates Characters, their functions, and how they can support one another. Utilise this Fire Emblem Fates Characters guide to experiment with various team setups and overcome the difficulties in Fire Emblem Fates. So this is all about the Fire Emblem Fates Characters article guide.

Hope you like these Fire Emblem Fates Characters from here now. The real secret to success in Fire Emblem Fates lies in assembling a formidable team of Fire Emblem Fates Characters, each of whom brings their own special abilities and traits to the conflict. Through an examination of the wide range of heroes that can be recruited, ideal pairings, reclassing techniques, and role-specific character rankings, this guide equips you to unleash the full potential of your army. You can improve your gaming experience and go beyond the limits of tactical prowess by learning the subtleties of each character and how they work together. The epic story of Fire Emblem Fates challenges you to embrace the art of war and guide your chosen heroes to victory. If you enjoy checking or reading these Fire Emblem Fates Characters then please do share Fire Emblem Fates Characters with others as well also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –

Fire Emblem Fates Characters

  1. Q: How do I recruit new characters in Fire Emblem Fates?

    A: As the plot develops, a lot of Fire Emblem Fates Characters automatically join your team. Additionally, you can enlist the aid of others by engaging with them in combat in particular chapters or through side missions called Paralogues.

  2. Q: What is the support system in Fire Emblem Fates?

    A: Characters can establish bonds through interactions in the castle or through cooperative combat thanks to the support system. Fire Emblem Fates Characters can unlock support conversations, stat bonuses, and even marriage as their relationships develop; the latter may result in the recruitment of child Fire Emblem Fates Characters.

  3. Q: How can I optimize pairings for my characters?

    A: Think about each character’s advantages and disadvantages and choose a partner who will enhance their skills. The ideal pairing will boost each other’s stats, improve their combat performance, and result in strong offspring units.

  4. Q: What are reclassing options, and how do they impact my characters?

    A: Characters can change their class by reclassing by using particular items, such as Master Seals or Heart Seals. This gives them access to new skills, weapons, and stat-growth opportunities, enhancing customization and combat versatility.

  5. Q: Can I use characters from different story paths together?

    A:  Fire Emblem Fates Characters can follow one of three distinct paths: Birthright, Conquest, or Revelation. Fire Emblem Fates Characters from the Birthright and Conquest paths can only be used on those paths, but you can hire and use people from both Hoshido and Nohr on the Revelation path.

  6. Q: How do I obtain child characters in Fire Emblem Fates?

    A:  When two Fire Emblem Fates Characters in a support relationship reach S-rank, they are able to become parents. One child unit will be born to each married couple, and this child unit will carry over the parents’ skills and stats. Missions in the paralogue can be used to recruit young Fire Emblem Fates Characters.


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