Kingdom Hearts series is filled with mindblowing Spin-offs. With the release of each successor game, it has never failed in delivering that never-ending thrill. You never run out of the fun. The story is something that creates a sense of understanding the flow of scenarios, whether it is movies, games, or books. A story creates suspense, thrill, and makes us stick towards the content and essence. Here we are talking about a similar worldwide famous game Kingdom hearts. We’ll be talking about what order to play kingdom hearts so that you do not miss out on the fun.

Kingdom of Hearts all games

If you are a fan of Disney, you will surely love to check out its one of the games where you can see Disney characters in action. Since all the parts of the are interrelated, it becomes essential we follow the correct order to play kingdom hearts.

S No.NameRelease Date
1.Kingdom Hearts2002
2.Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories2004
3.Kingdom Hearts II2005
4.Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days2009
5.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep2010
6.Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded2010
7.Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance2012
8.Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union  χ / Back Cover2015
9.Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep2017
10.Kingdom Hearts III2019

(Playing it Right) What Order to Play Kingdom Hearts

So just check it out that What Order to Play Kingdom Hearts,

1. Kingdom Hearts –

Kingdom Hearts 1

You play as ‘Sora,’ the main character of the game. Your mission is to travel among worlds defeating the heartless villains in search of your friends. You will be addicted right from the beginning with its action, storyline, and combat fighting. From main characters to side characters, it is one of the least complex games of the series.

2. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories –

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Chain of memories come up with a bundle of changes. Firstly being it is 3d remaster of the original game; secondly, the battle system is based on a deck of cards and takes a little while to grasp and thirdly introduction of several new powerful villains and organization XIII. Furthermore, it keeps the legacy of fun and thrill going and play an essential role in the kingdom hearts series and settle up for the next series.

3. Kingdom Hearts II –

Kingdom Hearts 2

This Part of the game firstly clears out the storyline that gets a little messy in the chain of memories and 358/2. Kingdom Heart II got super hit and critically acclaimed. This part features one of the best plots in the series. In this part, you get to play with both Roxas and Sora. The story starts with Roxas and smoothly moves forward and changes to Sora. We’ll cover each major and essential release that helps you in removing confusion on what order to play kingdom hearts.

4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days –

Kingdom Hearts 358/2

This part of the game can be a little tricky. Technically it lies before and parallels events of ‘the chain of memories.’ We are introduced to the new character ‘Roxas’ of the famous organization XIII. Like ‘Sora,’ he also wields a keyblade; the story moves forward with the growing friendship between Axel and Xion characters from the previous series. The ending of the games readies us for the beginning of  Kingdom Heart II.

5. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep –

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Slash combat, Three storylines to choose from, Three characters to play with, Outstanding plot is the definition of the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. This part is the prequel to Kingdom Hearts, and the events of Birth By sleep start ten years before sora’s journey in kingdom hearts.

6. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded –

Kingdom Hearts Re coded

The events of this part take place after Kingdom Hearts II. The game starts with a journey to find the meaning of the secret message left in Jiminy’s cricket journal and takes the role of data Sora. In this game, you get to play with your favorite Disney characters, including Data-Sora, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy and fight with Bugs caused by Maleficient. However, this game introduces you to the book of prophecies that can tell the future.

7. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance –

Dream drop distance

Dream Drop Distance starts with the journey of Sora and Riku and discovering the power to defeat Xehanort. Now to get that power, both of them have to unlock the keyholes of Seven sleeping worlds, and thus, they enter the world of sleep. We get to see time travel where Xehanort brings his younger self and tries to possess Sora and Riku. The story gets exciting each second.

8. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ / Back Cover –

Black clover

This game talks about the history of key blades, key wielders, and great keyblade war. The game launched with a companion film called Black Cover. The story gives a touch of a fairytale. You play the role of keyblade wielder and join one of the armies of five small organizations that fight for the remaining limited light left in the world. Again this game plot is connected to the big and most awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

9. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

02 birth by sleep

This short game embarks the journey of Aqua in the realm of darkness. This game acts as a conclusion to birth by sleep. This game aims to set up all the characters fro the kingdom of hearts III. But still, an essential part as it explains the plot of the story and how it will merge with the main story of the series.

10. Kingdom Hearts III –


Almost more than half of the series sets the beginning and somehow connects to the starting of the great Kingdom Hearts III. This game put an end to the trilogy of the kingdom hearts series. Jurney starts with Sora lost his power after getting defeated by Xehanort ad to regain that he goes to Olympus while Riku is in the search for aqua in the realm of darkness. Few secrets and mysteries unravel.


Kingdom Hearts is undoubtedly an action-packed role-playing series that never fails in satisfying us leaves a lingering feeling of powerful mix emotions. I am sure this What Order to Play Kingdom Hearts article has helped you and removes your dilemma on what order to play kingdom hearts game.

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