If you are searching for How to Block Someone on Twitch, chances are that someone on your twitch is making chats a little problematic. Sometimes, users just cross the line and start to make the chat vulgar. Inappropriate voices, inappropriate content on your twitch, or spamming your inbox for no reason are some common things people do. These types of things not only affect the followers but also destroy the reputation of your twitch channel. If you also face such issues, this How to Block Someone on Twitch guide is for you. Here we will be going through all the ways that you can use to block people, ignore people Block whispers and messages, etc.

5 Ways on How to Block People on Twitch

Consequences of Blocking People on Twitch

  • You lose Followers: However, one thing you must know is that when you block someone on Twitch, you also lose a follower. That is, if you block a certain person in your chats, they also get removed from your follower list as well.
  • Removed from Friend list: Once you block a certain someone, you also remove them from your friend’s list.
  • Can not follow or Friend: After blocking certain someone, they can not follow you back or become friends with you in the future unless you unblock them.
  • Cannot Whisper or PM you: Once you have blocked a user, they can no longer whisper to you and send your personal messages
  • You can not be hosted: If you blocked someone, they can no longer host you or purchase gift subs.

How to Block Someone on Twitch Very Quickly

Twitch streamers create engaging content for the users, and they put their time and effort into the content they provide so that they can share and enjoy their hard work. But some users take advantage of this and try to create hindrances by spamming, posting inappropriate content, making voices, etc. In such scenarios, the best way to get rid of such people is by ignoring them or blocking them. If you are new to Twitch or never used the block functionality of twitch, finding the option and how to use it can be problematic. Below you will learn all the different ways Ways On How to Block Someone on Twitch.

1. Block People in the Chat

Twitch allows the streamer to block people in their chats, and the method is pretty straightforward and easy. Follow the steps to see how it is done.

  • STEP 1. While you are on the Twitch client, head to your chats and locate the Target user
  • STEP 2. From the chat, open the user profile by clicking on the Username
  • STEP 3. Once the profile is opened up, click on the 3-Dot menu beside the Whisper button
  • STEP 4. Once you click on the 3-Dot menu, you will see two options; one of them is the block


  • STEP 5. Now click on the Block option, and the user will be blocked from your chats

2. Block People Directly By Entering Command

If you do not want to go through the above steps, there is an alternate way; here, you just have to enter a command, and the user will be blocked immediately.

To Ban: /ban USERNAME

To Unban: /unban USERNAME

3. Block People By Searching

This is another way to block someone, so what makes this method different? Well, this method is very helpful if you have a long friend list or want to block someone, not in your Chats. If that is the scenario, follow this approach.

  • STEP 1. To make this method work, you need to be logged in to your Web version of Twitch
**NOTE: If you do not understand what the web version is,
Simply head to the Twitch website and log in there.
Once you are logged in you will be on the Web version of twitch.
  • STEP 2. Considering that you are on the main dashboard of Twitch, on the bottom left of the page, you will see a small search bar
  • STEP 3. There you have to enter the username of the person you want to block
  • STEP 4. Once you find the users, you will see two icons one is the Gear icon, and the second one is X
  • STEP 5. Click on the Gear icon, and you will see a couple of options; among them is the Block option


  • STEP 6. Click on the block option, and the user will be blocked immediately

4. The Ignore Feature (Command)

It is the same ignore feature as mentioned just above. However, this method uses the command instead of going into the profile and clicking on the block option. This method is pretty quick as you just have to enter the command.

  • To Ignore: /ignore USERNAME
  • To Unignore: /unignore USERNAME



In this guide, you get to know about 4 different ways How to Block Someone on Twitch. Hopefully, these ways will help you eliminate unwanted people on your twitch channel.

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